Preparations are underway for the 5th CNR Avrasya Asansör elevator equipment exhibition in Turkey. At the moment, thanks to the wide networking opportunities provided by the participants, preparations are underway for the Avrasya Asansör International Exhibition of Elevating Equipment in Eurasia, which will be held in October 2020, where new developments and services in the elevator industry will be presented, while on the other hand international business relations will be expanded among participants and buyers.

Mega7V has become the center of attention on CNR Eurasia Lift Expo. The first member of the MEGA family, MEGA7V while meeting the demands for large-size cabin indicator, it also fulfills the necessities for aesthetics and standards. The product, bearing the marks of GENEMEK engineering along with its unique design, will be available on the market as of May 1st 2019.

Organized for the fourth time, International Lift, Escalator Industries and Technologies Fair (Eurasia Lift Fair), was held in CNR EXPRO Yeşilköy. The fair, in which many products were presented from lift cars to auto-door systems, electronic accessories and safety systems & apparatus, was organized with the participation of 150 firms, 30 of which are from foreign countries “Germany, China, India and Italy”.