We visited the Butkon Asansör factory in Konya at the invitation of its CEO Remzi Orundzhak, whom we met at an exhibition in Russia. Mr. Orunjak told us about Butkon and its goals.

Butkon Asansör was founded in 2007 with the goal of producing push-button cabin and floor panels. The company manufactures products combining high-tech equipment and 10 years of experience. The plant, located on a total area of 4,000 square meters and a covered area of 3,000 square meters and offering customers high-quality products at low prices, employs 90 people, 4 of whom are qualified engineers. Butkon Asansör CEO Remzi Orunjak said: “We are committed to continually improving production, business and skills. Thanks to the latest high-tech equipment, knowledge and thorough work, we independently produce products without the use of any semi-finished products, but exclusively with the use of high-quality raw materials. Thus, the company has the opportunity in a timely manner from the optimal way to supply products that satisfy the demand and quality requirements of our customers.

“Using the latest high-tech equipment, we produce products of the highest quality”
Remzi Oruncak said that the company produces components for elevators using high-power equipment and material and technical base. He said: “Butkon manufactures its products using the latest high-tech equipment and is constantly striving to improve and update its material and technical base. We quickly update our equipment and material and technical base in order to meet the demand of customers and the needs of the industry, and in our work we combine our knowledge and experience with high technologies. Butkon uses the full potential of its material and technical base to provide customers with the highest quality products. We constantly invest in our base and today the company has all the necessary modern equipment for processing raw materials and manufacturing final products: a composing machine for printing electronic plastic cards, a plastic molding machine for the production of plastic components of panels, a bending press and an eccentric hydraulic press for processing stainless steel. "

“Our experts daily increase brand awareness in Turkey and abroad.”
Remzi Oruncak said Butkon attaches great importance to after-sales service and customer satisfaction. About the company’s activities to maintain a high level of after-sales service, which directly affects customer satisfaction, he said: “Butkon knows that after-sales service is just as important as the production itself. Therefore, the company invests efforts and funds in this area and constantly keeps in touch with its customers. “The fact that the company has branches in Ankara and Istanbul helps a lot in this.”

“Our mission is to produce products that meet international standards”
Mr. Oruncak spoke about the company's mission of manufacturing products that meet international standards: “The company's values, goals and strategy are to correctly assess and fully meet the needs of customers, exceed their expectations, provide optimal and timely solutions and recommendations. Butkon provides reliable, innovative and high-quality services and directs all its efforts to become an industry leader, constantly monitoring the development of the latest technologies through R&D. ”

“30% of our products are exported”
“30% of our products are exported to different countries,” Mr. Oruncak said and spoke about the company's plans to increase exports. “In some countries, the company's market share is higher, in some lower. We direct our actions to increase the presence of the company in those countries where this share is lower. You know, the most important thing in export is the quality of the products. Different foreign markets have different requirements criteria. Therefore, before entering a new market, we customize our products to the requirements of this market, and then accelerate our access to it. This takes time, but also helps to ensure compliance with the necessary quality criteria.

To export and increase brand awareness, we visit all exhibitions held in target countries, talk about our company, about Turkey. We also talk about the plant, its production capacity, about what stages the production takes place, what processes precede the delivery of products to the customer. We invite companies to visit our factory, because, as you know, the main strength of the company lies in its production capacities, so we want people to see our potential with their own eyes. In general terms, we try to talk about the company, introduce it to its activities and trademarks. We are trying to identify the best ways for this.

Butkon has all the manufacturing and human resources to produce quality keypads for every country in the world. Our goal is to enter every region, every market and to better represent Butkon and Turkey. Our activity is aimed precisely at this.”

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