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One of the leading companies in lift sector, Bulut Makina, founded by Mustafa Bulut in 1988 have collected all its departments including production and delivery in its new facility in Kocaeli, Çayırova. In the facility with 20.000 square meters, “Everything related to the lifts” will be presented by Bulut Makina quality.

Bulut makina, founded in 1988 by Mustafa Bulut and is now providing safe solutions along with cutting edge technology equipment to a lot of domestic and foreign projects have collected all of its departments including production and delivery in its new facility in Kocaeli, Çayırova. In the new facility with 20.000 square meters usage area, Bulut Makina will deliver most difficult projects in high quality and in shortest times. Bulut Makina also promises, alongside supplying the best quality materials to its clients, to facilitate endless technical support and cooperation Bulut Makina, being active in the lift sector since 1988, is also a distributor to the important brands in world lift sector such as Fermator, GMV, Sicor, Marazzi and Xinda alongside its production of automatic floor and cabin door, cabin and framework.

Ahmet Sabit Bulut, Bulut Makina Executive Board Director: “The basic principal of our ever-growing company is to protect our product until the end.”

Along with the Bulut Makina’s new factory investment, their aim is to maximize the service quality and customer satisfaction, said Bulut Makina Executive Board Director Ahmet Sabit Bulut, he then added: ” The basic principal of our ever-growing company is to protect our product until the end. We have relocated all our departments to our new factory in Kocaeli Çayırova. During this process, we are glad to provide best services to our clients without having any issue in production, delivery and sales departments.

We will continue to provide safest solutions to our domestic and foreign clients with our cutting edge technology equipment in our new Çayırova factory like what we did since today. We are improving our designs with our managerial strength. “We have designed our new location to offer everything related to lifts beyond expectations.” he stated.
Bulut Makina Executive Board Director Ahmet Sabit Bulut, especially known for his support on the youth and education in Turkey, has continued his words:

“According to the demands coming from our clients and knowledge coming from years of automatic door distribution, we have released our own automatic door in order to honor the founder of our company by using his initials, MB brand in 2009. We have done production of many kinds of sizes like standard series, thin series, extra thin series and heavy service-dense traffic groups which are ranging from 600 millimeters to 6000 millimeters.

The certificates of our doors are taken from the exact ones sent to our customers without changing any part for testing.

Bulut Makina has documented its service policies via quality certificates received. ‘Central 6 panel doors’ which we are producing have recently passed the fire test. In accordance with the regulation numbered 26735 on the protection of buildings against fire, the fire resistance of elevator doors are an important subject. Bulut Makina produces all of its doors with the materials being in accordance to this regulation.

As I have said before, customer satisfaction, technical support and cooperation are very important subjects for us. For this reason, we reserve the technical details and plans necessary for upgrading the original spare materials and product to be in accordance with the original, even on projects specially designed for our customers for 10 years. With our package products, we offer our customers the projects where every detail is meticulously thought on. Thus, we facilitate the fastest and easiest assembly advantage for our customers.

We are continuing the Turkey distribution of Fermator automatic doors and GMV hydraulic units. As addition to these, we started the distribution of Sicor lift machines in 2010. Bulut Makine is one of the leading companies both in domestic and foreign sectors regarding package lift and every kind of lift materials.

Bulut Makina represents the quality and reliability in its sector. It always uses quality materials. It works with expert engineer personnel in order to find solutions for the special projects of customers. Its product range is wide. It has the experienced staff for the facilitation of technical support after sales.

The most important source is our personnel which are working with devotion when it is necessary in difficult terms. For this reason we will continue for our personnel to feel like they are an important part of this family and support their constant development with every kinds of sensibility possible. Continuously monitoring the national and international standards and legal legislations, we will continue to work in full correspondence to these regulations with our established self-evaluation system. Integrating our ever-improvement philosophy to “ISO Management Standards” rules in order to not leave quality and safety to chance. While underlining the importance of working systematically to be felt in all levels in our organization, we will change this perception to an institution culture.

We will design and apply each and every work process in line with customer satisfaction. We will continue to provide products and services beyond the expectations due to constantly analyzing the customer expectations. Besides this, we will accept our suppliers, according to the philosophy of “quality is a team work”, as a part of our team and render our quality systems integrated for making contributions to their development.

In order to provide for the current needs of its clients and also answer the future expectations, Bulut Makina, has acquired a vision of being a pioneer in its sector by providing products sensitive to the environment and other living beings in the nature and being a company which gives maximum attention possible to occupational health and safety.

Our mission, as Bulut Makine is to provide safe products in accordance with the regulations and cheerful services as a team whilst knowing that the reaching of total quality is passing from happy clients and customers and while doing these, providing added-value to country economy and social structure via ever-changing and developing institution structure for the facilitation of profits and sustainability.”

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