Interlift offers wide opportunities for the firms desiring to increase its export rate

Melİke Demİrcİ, Vice General Manager of Stoper Industrial Products: "Interlift offers wide opportunities for the firms desiring to increase its export rate"


Stating that Interlift is the most comprehensive worldwide organization by country/rate Melike Demirci, Vice General Manager of Stoper Endüstriyel Ürünlersaid that they had negotiations with a few different countries after the exhibition and negotiations go positively. Stating that Exhibition is a very attractive platform for the firms desiring to make exportation mentioned that they exhibition was very productive for them as expected. 


- Mss. Melike could you make an assessment about the exhibition by sharing your impressions on Interlift?

Interlift is the most extraordinary one among the exhibitions called as international exhibitions. Participant and visitor are very satisfactory in terms of country/rate. Interlift offers wide opportunities for the firms desiring to increase its export rate. As a meeting point for global lift industry it is the widest platform that I have ever met.


- Could you list your purposes in participating the exhibition and talk about your earnings following the exhibition?

Our principal goal in participating in the exhibition is to increase our export rate. However to increase our recognition as a Turkish Brand and to make a contribution to our national economy fall within the significant points for us. We send offers and samples to our visitors from various countries that we have negotiated during the exhibition and try to meet their demands. We would like to make our presence felt in accordance with the needs by keeping touch with them at least and think that we develop our export business so in the following periods.


- With which products and services did you participate in the exhibition? What are the attitudes shown and questions asked about your products during the exhibitions?

We participated in the exhibition with our four main product groups; Kramer doors, dictator, rope attachment and landing door shock absorber. Patented Stoper Kramer Door which may function properly under these circumstances and designed with a different viewpoint is one of the most important services rendered by us in the industry in our opinion. We concluded it as a result of the feedbacks of our customers for satisfaction. Even though Kramer door is the oldest internal lift door in the industry, it has an operation structure which has caused most problems and aggrieved both lift (assembly-maintenance-revision) firms and users. But our intensive and rigorous R&D studies changed mechanical operation principle with a different view point on Kramer door and allowed us to develop a specific and proper product. Thus both final users and lift assembly-maintenance-revision firms reached smooth usage comfort. Our new product stopper dictator drew a considerable interest and became another product which made us happy, because we brought the routine in same way with Dictator that we have started to manufacture with its new design. As you know, Dictator should be adjusted during seasonal transitions i.e. for winter and summer months. But it is possible to use our product as installed first without any seasonal adjustment. Our product provides savings of time and labor cost thanks to its smooth operation. 


- What are the outstanding features and advantages of the exhibition as compared with other exhibitions?

 I would like to mention the distinguishing features of Interlift by taking the relevant data on basis. Visitors of foreign origin exceeding 60%, Interlift made a difference with broadest worldwide participation and participation quality. Visitors come from 100 different countries. Of course the fact that rate of participating foreign firms is about 67% fall witin the data supporting that Interlift is a lift exhibition with broadest participation. Thus Interlift is a hope-inspiring exhibition for the firms aiming at increasing the export rates. 


- What are your targets in Europe as a firm? Could inform us on them by describing your current activities?

Our first target is to maintain the continuity of trade with the countries that we make business. To make Stoper Endustriyel Ürünler a preferable brand by explaining well different operation principles and exhibiting our difference within the new firms with which we will start to work.  Our negotiations go on with 6 of the firms which are located in Europe and regional area and visited our stand and are interested in our products during Interlift 2017. Now we keep in touch with 2 firms to which we sent samples following a positive offering process. 


- Where do you plan to make business other than Europe and what kind of activities do you perform for this purpose?

We plan to work with Balkan countries other than South and Central America Countries. We would like to start to make business by planning this goal by considering our priority researches and the positive approaches towards our products as a result of the visits of the firms and their considerable interest in our products. Our contact has begun with a firm from South America after the exhibition and started our works intended to meet their demands.     


- Could inform us about your current activities?

Whereas our exports to Canada and France which have been carried out first following Interlift 2015 have been going on at the same pace, our exports to India, Egypt and Iran gained acceleration to a large extent. We started to make business with Iceland and Costa Rica short time ago. 


- Economic and political developments experienced throughout the world caused a serious market loss and deviations in Turkey. Could you share your studies and your solutions introduced by you for the matter concerned?

Loss and crisis process which are experienced throughout the world and Turkey and felt seriously in some sectors are felt by us also. We aim at minimizing the possible losses by keeping our planning and strategic studies at optimum level to use our machinery and processes correctly and productively in order to tolerate it to a maximum extent. However even though we have concerns about the hidden part of the iceberg, we proceed on our way without slowing down.


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