We are so glad to have participated for the third time in Interlift held between October 17 and 20 with our magazines Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision. We hosted our visitors from Turkey and various countries in our stand no. 6007 located in Hall 6 at Interlift where Turkey ranked 5th by the number of participants.


We participated for the third time in Interlift with our Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision magazines which exist within the structure of Vizyon Yayıncılık and have taken place in almost all specialty exhibitions. We met up with our readers and visitors in our stand no. 6007 at Hall no.6 in Interlift which was held for 13th time in Augsburg, Germany between October 17 and 20. Interlift where Turkey ranked top five by the number of participants with 39 firms was flooded with visitors. Visitors didn’t go through our stand in the exhibition to which Representatives of Turkish lift industry drew a considerable attention. Our Asansör Vizyon magazine which has turned 8 and has the widest distribution network in Turkey and our Lift Vision magazine with which we participated in Lift Vision attracted considerable attention.     


Interlift 2017 was flooded with visitors from Turkey. Representatives of Turkish lift industry showed great interest to the exhibition where we haven’t seen any visitor from Arab and Middle East countries. We met many industry representatives from Turkey and talked with them in our stand.  We would like to take this occasion to thank all our visitors who visit us and take a look at our magazines.


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