Mik-el Elektronik is ready for new standard with its new product, SX Ultra Lift Control System which is completely compatible with the standard 2017 EN81-20/50.

Emrah Terzan, Sales and Marketing Manager of Mik-el Elektronik, informing us for the matter involved and explaining the intended use of their new product SX Ultra Lift Control Systems in details said “SX Ultra Lift Control System is our new product which is full-compatible with EN81-20/50 standard to be in force as from September in Turkey. Our product has been certified by Liftinstituut including both control system and complete control panel, revision box and down the hole box. Actually we have been able to carry out delivery in accordance with EN81-20/50 standard with our current control system SX Plus since January 2017. But our new system SX Ultra was designed by considering new standard completely and adding many new functions. Thus we believe that we have introduced a product to satisfy very well the users.


SX Ultra may be used in all roped and hydraulic lifts. We may list their principal characteristics as follows: 3 m/s rate, service up to 48 stations, quadruple group work support, integrated menu and quick starting wizard, accessibility to menu through cabin operation panel or revision box with CAN Bus, smart floor identification (automatic floor addressing) 2nd cabin door support, Music an announcement support with micro SD Card (compatible with EN81-70 standard for the people with disability.


SX Ultra is a system which may be operated over a single menu integrated into MD series inverters. It is product offering great production facilities especially for panel manufacturers when it is used with our MD-STO (Safe Torque Off) inverter not requiring motor contactors. Following features are gathered on single card with SX Ultra: UCM (Undesired Cabin Motion Tracking), Parametrical phase sequence/phase protection, software updating with Micro SD card, real time clock, 4 line LCD Displat, Lirpomp (at cabin cards), Alarm, battery and charging circuit (on the cabin card).


It is an elevator control panel enhancing customer satisfaction for assembly firms thanks to its comfort characteristics like the fact that it runs without contactor and accordingly in silence especially in the application without engine room.”

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