Kleemann talked about its new investment of 13 million dollars in its special invitation where it welcomed media organizations. 

Kleemann organized the last one of the traditional fair invitations where press organizations were welcomed on March 24, 2017 Friday in TÜYAP Palas Lagun Roof Restaurant. Detailed information on new investments of Kleemann in China was shared with press members in the invitation where all domestic and foreign press members were dealt with personally and a pleasant dinner was taken.  


Following information was shared in the presentation informing us on new investment: “Kleemann founded in 1983 in Greece has been a globally recognized manufacturer of Complete Lifting Systems, making exportation to more than 100 countries. Comprehensive product range of Kleemann included hydraulic and drive Complete Lift Systems, freight lifts, residential lift, anti-vandal lifts, fire-fighting lifts, earthquake-proof lifts, stair lifts for handicapped people, moving stairways and moving walkways, car lifts, parking systems etc.


Kleemann, making exportation to more than 100 countries around the world has rooted production plants in Greece, Serbia and China and continued its presence locally in 15 countries. Kleemann which improved its services in China, Far East and Pacific and considered the need for on-site production with its brand investment thanks to Kleemann Chine, established in China, Kunshan in 2011  provided luxurious service and 24-hour call service to local markets and enlarged its production site. Kleemann which completed the construction of 25-meter tower in 2016 has acquired License C certificate for the production of the elevators reaching up to 1,75 m/second.


New investment of 13 million dollars

Kleemann to acquired License A with its new test tower with 4+1 shafts and a height of 100 meters will support its development plan with this investment. New production plant occupying 14 thousand squares meters with 2 thousand 500 squares meters of office and administrative area as well as production and storage areas will have been completed around middle of 2019. 13 million-dollar investment was determined for the Project where production is planned to be initiated as from the end of 2019. 

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