Eren Makina, manufacturing rail fastening components has continued to offer well-quality, practical and solution-oriented products as result of its R&D activities. Eren Makina introducing their new product, “Ocotopus Console” as a standard allowing elevator assemblers and package manufacturers stocking and using them easily in any elevator removed many problems for the matter concerned.

Celal Ekici, Production Manager of Eren Makina informing us for the matter concerned said “There isn’t any standard for rail fastening components called as console even though there is a standard for each product in elevator. Thus rail fastening components are being manufactured as per order.  This situation prevents lift dealers from making stock and manufacturers from making mass production.  We handled with the said problem thanks to our product developed as a result of serious efforts. Since as understood from its name our new product has all kinds of flexible characteristics and is able to move so. Inter-rail spaces and main rail sizes are movable. We may fasten it to any rail. Such facilities allow assembly plants stocking in any quantity and packed elevator suppliers placing it in any package.


We didn’t reflect the said product and our technology in our prices. We want to support the firms working with us for long years with R&D investments. Our purpose is to offer high quality to our clients with affordable prices. Thus first reactions to our product were so positive. We had serious request for it. The ones who had used our product was so satisfied with it and called and congratulated us for it. There were also the ones who want to enter into a distributorship agreement with us. We were well satisfied with the reaction against our product.”



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