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Maybe many of us blind to rapidly changing technology of the elevators becoming an inevitable part of our daily life with each passing day.

Elevators coming into our daily life in the early 20th century were mechanics-based systems in the first years. Elevators have turned to smart systems with safety technologies by the use of electronic control technology in elevator industry especially in last 20 years. Thanks to these technologies it gained some characteristics to avoid elevator accidents in both residences and buildings like hospital, shopping centre with intense traffic.


Arkel which starts out from Turkey and makes itself accepted among the firms creating and applying electronic control technologies for elevators in a specific geography with 100% Turkish capital and its own efforts through its products and technology added a new circle to its innovative technologies: Regenerative unit. Thanks to the said device with the size of an average desktop computer you get the opportunity to save energy by resending the electricity generated by your elevator to the network instead of consuming it. Energy-generating elevator is not a well known topic.  We visited Arkel stand which exhibits many new products including regenerative unit in 15th Istanbul Lift Fair. After informing us on elevator control systems Melih Küçükçalık talked about the advantages of regenerative unit and said “while the elevators driven by synchronous electric motor goes down with heavy load and goes up with light load, motor starts to generate energy. This energy should be absorbed. Energy released in the classical systems is transmitted to breaking resistance, turned to heat and wasted so. Thanks to cutting-edge technology “Regenerative Units” it becomes possible to gain back this energy and transmit it to the network. Thus elevators start to make saving up to almost 35%. As Arkel we are glad to bring the said technology developed with our own R&D and capital to our country. This technology is new and has been little known yet in the world.  But Arkel Regenerative Unit takes its place among its rare competitors.”

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