Ametal moved to its new factory occupying 7 thousand squares meters in Çekmeköy, Istanbul and started to make production and sales for global market. Its clients and friends in cooperation around both Turkey and world didn’t leave it alone in the organization of Ametal, sharing its launch with a cocktail and factory introduction on May 17, Wednesday.

İsmail Yıldırım, CEO of Ametal, speaking to his guests said “Today is very beautiful day. What makes today beautiful is your presence. I salute you with my sincere wishes and would like to say welcome to you. Describing its business since its foundation, Ametal has started out with the principle of carrying out the works of its clients and continued to do so. Dear friends science and technology has been developing very fast in our age. World is changing. We need to work more than yesterday to exist in this fast change. To cease is put on par with to regress. It becomes more difficult to handle with the work of client with each passing day. It was necessary to enhance our physical means to support our innovative fusion as well as our information and experience. Ametal is here for lofty aim. Dear friends our country is experiencing a very hard process. Our internal market has problems. I think my all colleagues agree with me in this point. But let’s figure out it so, global market is an endless ocean. Our targets are to open up to foreign markets without losing our effectiveness in the domestic market, to reach more customers in more countries and to see them personally and explain them that we may deal with their works with the facilities created herein. For this purpose we have reviewed and reinforced our production capacity, material quality and our corporate structure beyond the certificates of conformity to standards. Ametal has a not only experienced but also young staff.  I have personally believed in young indivduals always and trust them. You may trust them also.  Greatest supporters of Ametal on this way of value are you, dear customers, suppliers, foreign partners and employees. We are a big family” and introduced the family members in charge within the body of Ametal. İsmail Yıldırım finished its speech by stating that they try to the best in their works and got big hand.


İlkim Yıldırım Gökalp, General Manager of Ametal saluted her visitors in her opening speech and talked about her journey in Ametal. İlkim Yıldırım Gökalp said “My journey that has begun in the department of Sales and Marketing in 2001 is going on now with managerial processes. As a person who has been involved in the sector for long years, made business, had a talk with and supplied products to many of you, I am glad to welcome you in the name of Ametal family. Our greatest richness is continuous confidence of our unchanging business partners and clients in us for years and quality fact coming to mind when we say Ametal.  While we describe a trusted service with good quality in Ametal, we start out from not only the quality of product but also the fact that we understand our clients correctly and produce appropriate solutions for their needs. We like manufacturing works and products with a story and talked about their new product “Cool”. 


Ribbon was cut following the speeches. New factory of Ametal including production sites, showroom, administrative office and whole plant were shown to the visitors following the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Following the factory tour opening ceremony was ended with photo shooting, gift draw and cake cutting.

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