Artı Kasnak CEO Koray Ergin spoke about the start of production of captormal pulleys in Turkey and the testing of products in elevators for 7 months.

The company Onaylift Asansör Market, which began operations in 2015, as a result of production growth and in order to provide its customers with even better services, transferred production to a new factory with an area of 10,000 sq.m.

Mikrolift operates in two smart production facilities located in Istanbul and Konya. Mikrolift manufactures in a total of 3 thousands and 500 square meter of area, with 2 thousands and 200 square meters of closed area, in environmentally friendly buildings and state of the art machinery-park at its facilities with its valuable personnel.  

Arkel’s CEO M. Cenk Ceylan told us about Arkel, which was founded in 1998 by two friends, graduates of Electronic Engineering of Istanbul Technical University, at a small office in Fikirtepe and is one of the global players of the lift sector today.

Nagel Asamsör, founded in 1976, started lift machinery engine production in a small facility in 1981 and has been continuing its production since 1991 in its plant in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul. Nagel Asansör Sales Director Abdullah Özcan said that Nagel Asansör is targeting to triple its current capacity by the end of 2020 with the completion of its new plant investment, initiated in 2016, and that “we annually manufacture 600 gear machine engines and 200 gearless machine engines in our plant in Sultanbeyli. We aim to triple our production with the completion of our new plant construction, which we started in 2016 at Sakarya Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone.

We visited the Butkon Asansör factory in Konya at the invitation of its CEO Remzi Orundzhak, whom we met at an exhibition in Russia. Mr. Orunjak told us about Butkon and its goals.

Mustafa Kırıker, CEO of Door Life Asansör, spoke about the history of the company and its current activities. Mr. Kyryker said that the company was established in 1978 with the goal of special metal processing, and in 2000 focused its activities on the production of elevator doors. Mr. Kırıker said: “Kırıker Metal has 25 years of experience in metal processing. To use this experience, as well as many years of experience in the manufacture of elevator doors, in 2009 we decided to register the DOORLIFE trademark, which would carry out activities both on the national and international markets. The company began its work with a small workshop, but now we are constantly improving the quality and safety of our products and improving production facilities at the factory with a total area of 30 thousand square meters and a covered area of 12 thousand square meters.”

Ametal Asansör was established by Ismail Yıldırım in 1988 with the goal of producing control panels and buttons / keypads for elevators, and on May 15, 2019, under Law No. 5746 and based on Decision 63413363-206.01.99, received a Certificate from the Research and Development Center and development work.

The partnership between Fupa Asansör and Sandflower Sarl, a private equity firm with renowned brands such as Scor Spa and Fermator, was announced on Tuesday September 3, 2019 at a press conference at the Radison Blu Hotel in Ataşehir, Istanbul.

According to the data of Ministry of Industry and Technology, by the end of 2018, exportation ratio of lift accessories and parts increased from 159,8 million dollars to 165,6 million dollars. In exportation numbers, the increase package lift exports has drawn attention. In the year 2018, package lift exports valued 73 million 280 thousand 30 dollars have been made. This number was 58 million 507 thousand 910 dollars in the year 2017.

Taking the activity area of Turkish lift industry into consideration, it is estimated to have an overall turnover of 1.5 billion dollars within the scope of annual mounting rates depending on the buildings constructed, certification services, periodical maintenance services, accessory production, maintenance & repair services. This amount was estimated to be 1 billion dollars within the previous report.

Turkish lift equipment and part manufacturing companies have produced 18 million 865 thousand 522 dollars of foreign trade surplus in component foreign trade in the year 2018.

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