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Haber Servisi

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Kağıttanişler which participated in Eurasia Elevator Fair and exhibited its products won recognition with the production of  “Printed Pattern Glass”

Exhibitions are the places where manufacturers talk about themselves and can make presentation. Considering a good number of people therein, they gather different cultures, different points of view. It is an inevitable opportunity for hundreds of firms to present newly designed products to the taste of visitors under the same roof. As federation it is very important for us to meet our colleagues herein, to see the new products in the sector and to listen to new problems and suggestions on the sector.

Ametal made a strong impression with its “COOL Operation Panel” that it launched in Eurasia Lift Fair in which it has participated for the first time.

Akış Asansör introduced its FE-180 lift cable which is warranted to function for 3 hours without affecting the operation of elevator in case of fire in CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair in which it has participated first time.

We have participated in for third time and welcomed our domestic and foreign visitors in Eurasia Lift Fair where we brought our Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision  Magazines with our readers.

Stakeholders in the sector came together at the seminars, panels and trainings organized in 3rd Eurasia Lift, Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair and talked about the developments and innovations experienced in the sector.

Opening ceremony of Eurasia Lift, Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair organized for third time was performed with all sector actors participating in and supporting the fair.

Turkish elevator industry has proven its manufacturing capacity to the world. As a result of the agreement with Chinese Elevator Association and Chinese Transporters Association it was agreed on national participation of P.R.C. . Following the signatures mutually affixed leading firms of elevator industry will take place in the Chinese Pavilion to be established within the scope of CNR EXPO Yeşilköy.

International Eurasia Lift, Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair opened its doors at CNR Expo Yeşilköy between March 22 and 25, 2017. 250 Turkish brands offered their newest products in the fair where total 32 thousand 922 professional visitors including 3 thousand 812 foreign visitors were welcomed.

Mik-el Elektronik is ready for new standard with its new product, SX Ultra Lift Control System which is completely compatible with the standard 2017 EN81-20/50.


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