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Ayşen Baysal, Foreign Trade Specialist at Aksöz Makina answered our questions following Interlift. Stating that exhibition went quite successfully for them, Baysal mentioned said that they increased export rate by 40% in last 2 years thanks to the progress in export business. Stating that Aksöz Makina has turned 41 this year and that they felt honored and gratified by it, Mss. Baysal said that they have acted with the awareness of establishing a strong name in domestic market and made their brand widespread dramatically abroad also.  

We are so glad to have participated for the third time in Interlift held between October 17 and 20 with our magazines Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision. We hosted our visitors from Turkey and various countries in our stand no. 6007 located in Hall 6 at Interlift where Turkey ranked 5th by the number of participants.

Interlift which falls within the leading exhibitions in lift industry and was held between October 17 and 20 brake visitor record.

Interlift which was held between October 17 and  20  in Germany, Augsburg opened its doors with a new records this year. Interlift which brought a record with 574 participating firm in an area of 44 thousand square meters was visited by 21 thousand 260 people. Turkish firms paid considerable attention to, 39 Turkish brands opened a stand in and many industry representatives visited the exhibition.

Interlift maintains its characteristics as the most important special fair where we may observe all global developments in the industry under a single roof. It is a very important organization where qualified manufacturers expert in their fields get together with qualified, target-specific visitors, actual products conforming to standards were exhibited. Thus as Ametal we are attentive to take place regularly in it.

Lift Sector Report 2017 was issued by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Directorate General for Industry. Stating that Turkish Lift Sector entered into a process of great change and reached significant market shares with developing Technologies it was reported that our foreign trade deficit was $157 million in spite of tens of developments experienced.

Panoramic View

April 01, 2018

“Guest of Panoramic View in this issue is İlkim Yıldırım Gökalp, General Manager of Ametal, a family corporation in Turkish Lift Industry which has reached a corporate structure in fact.” Yasemin Bulut

Arkel, one of the leading firms in the field of electronics in the sector aimed for the sky with its new board and location. Arkel moved to its new modern and practical location occupying 11 thousand squares meters and including a 6-storey building. Arkel, which gathers all units from production to shipment and obtained 50% increase with its production site, targets to grow twice in next five years with its new CEO, Mahmut Bertan who worked as senior manager in international organizations. 

Yusuf Atik, Chairman of the Executive Board of Merih Asansör;

“Institutionalization and branding may be possible with the transmission of information and authorization”

ASFED (Elevator Industrialists Federation), one of the greatest non-governmental organizations in elevator industry in Turkey held second general assembly at the headquarters of ASFED on May 29, Monday. Members of new management and supervisory boards were determined and accepted by majority of votes at the end of the election conducted with single list.


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