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Yusuf Atik, Chairman of the Executive Board of Merih Asansör;

“Institutionalization and branding may be possible with the transmission of information and authorization”

ASFED (Elevator Industrialists Federation), one of the greatest non-governmental organizations in elevator industry in Turkey held second general assembly at the headquarters of ASFED on May 29, Monday. Members of new management and supervisory boards were determined and accepted by majority of votes at the end of the election conducted with single list.

İnara Bayram, General Manager of Steimberg Turkish Goods attracted great attention in Russian Market

Vartan Avakyan, CEO of MOSLIFT Russia is one of The Greatest Markets of the World

Şamil Çahal, Project and Sales Engineer of Has Asansör Russian market is difficult but very good market to develop yourself.

Kemal Uyumaz, Ah&met Asansör Sales Manager Ah&met Asansör has taken its place in Russian Lift Exhibition for fourth time

Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Elevator Association: "Russian Lift Industry is Getting Stronger day by day"

Russian Elevator Week was held From April 25th to April 127th 2017 in pavilion 75 at VDNH. We met with our readers and visitors through our magazines; Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision in the exhibition where 179 countries from 19 countries participated and opened a stand. 

International Exhibition of Elevators and Elevator Equipment "Russian Elevator Week" was organized between April 25 and 27 in Russia.


March 31, 2018

Liftex, International Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment which has opened its doors for the 6th time in Tehran, Capital of Iran in 2017 ended. Exhibition which showed a decrease in terms of the numbers of visitors and participants even if just a pinch, undertakes a significant function for the ones who want to enter in Iranian market.


Liftex 2017, Exhibition of International Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment was held from July 10 to July 13 in Tehran, Capital of Iran.  The number of the participants and visitors in exhibition where more than 200 firms exhibits their products and services in total 7 halls satisfied what is expected.  Manufacturing brands around Turkey and world particularly Iranian sector representatives met their clients in Liftex 2017 which showed a decrease in terms of the numbers of visitors and participants even if just a pinch as compared with previous years due to the competition.

Market size is attractive

Whereas the size of Iranian lift market, discipline in the market and sufficient trade cycle attracts manufacturing firms to Iranian market, rumors on the embargo which will be possibly lifted recently cause investors to be in interested in this area. The fact that Iran couldn’t ensure stability in construction sector, success achieved in production line in the lift sector and the number of manufacturers increasing with each passing day fall within the concerns of the firms which desire to perform their activities in this region. 


 “Every product except elevator guide can be manufactured in Iran”

The fact that every product except elevator guide can be manufactured in Iran is a respect emphasized in the conversations with our sector representatives who visited the exhibition. Iranian lift market which was depending on foreign sources to a large extent is manufacturing and using many products now. Government assistance has an important contribution for the matter involved. 


Turkish and global brands take place in the exhibition

Global brands have an important share and say in Iranian lift market which has imported still a great quantity of products.  Firms opening a stand in Liftex exhibition offer significant brands and products. It is possible for us to see Turkish brands and products in almost every stand. Thus our company executives who would like to support their brand and share their products with visitors pay a considerable attention to the exhibition. Representatives of Turkish lift sector who stand with Iranian colleagues and dealers in the exhibition shared their products with visitors in their stands. However multinational firms send their representatives in order to support their brands in the stands.   

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