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Göktürk Öztürk answered our questions following their first participation in Interlift. Stating that they received huge demand especially for brushless motors and drivers from USA to Malaysia and from Mexico to Korea as a result of the negotiations following the exhibition as a result of the negotiations following the exhibition, Mr. Öztük said that they would like to achieve a success in the lift industry as attained in the automotive industry.  

Melİke Demİrcİ, Vice General Manager of Stoper Industrial Products: "Interlift offers wide opportunities for the firms desiring to increase its export rate"

Berna Ökmen, Vice General Manager of Merih Asansör who answered our questions following Interlift and reminded that they have participated seven times in the exhibition, said “We have participated regularly in Interlift since stability in participating in the exhibitions is of vital importance. As Merih Asansör we stay the course of being a global brand. Thus it is very important for us to advertize our brand and to obtain a good position in Europe as a region where the standards are set in lift industry”   

Emrah Terzan, Sales and Marketing Manager of Mik-el talked about his opinions following Interlift in our magazine. Stating that their goal in participating in the exhibition is to be imprinted in the minds of all international visitors following the exhibition said “This year we have participated in the exhibition with our new product where we integrate our  MD-STO inverter which may be operated without any contactor and our SX Ultra controller system conforming to EN81-20/50 with each other. This new integrated produc drew the attention of the firms which desire to apply MRL projects thanks to its silent operation and direct leveling.”

Kleemann hosted its dealers from various points of the world and international media institutions this year at a dinner organization held in Riegele BrauWelt as organized every year within the scope of Interlift Exhibition.

Uygar Karataş, Sales Manager of Bulut Makina considered Interlift and talked about firm’s activities. Stating that exhibition went well for them, Mr. Karataş said “we put the details of our cabin without shock absorber and MB automatic door in picture for our visitors in the exhibition. 

I think that Interlift that I have participated once in every two years since 2000 when I was first engaged in the industry and took place partially as visitor this year has maintained and strengthened its leadership as in previous years. 

We had an interview with Tayyip Baran, General Manager of Hedefsan. Stating that exhibition went extremely well for them, Mr. Baran said that they were pleased with close and warm interest of visitors in spite of their first participation. 

Ümit Doymaz, Sales and Marketing Manager of Genemek answered our questions following Interlift 2017. Mr. Doymaz, regarding Interlift as one of the greatest meeting points of global lift industry said “we participated in Interlift this year with lift operation panels, graphic LCD displays and our products which are compatible with next-generation CAN bus serial communication. I can say that we became the center of attention in the exhibition.” 

Stating that Interlift held this year is of further importance for Fermator, Murat Camgöz, Director of Fermator Middle East Office said that it has been the best Interlift experience for Farmator up to now. Mr. Camgöz said “we made such an assessment by considering both the number of visitors coming to our stand and productivity of negotiations.

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