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One of the Turkey’s first manufacturers of lift doors, Aterya Technical Engineering has started its production in a small atelier in 1998 and since 2011, it continues its production on a 4 thousand square meters zone.

The Bailong Elevator, or Hundred Dragons Elevator, is situated in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie. It is 1,070 feet high. Just last year, it was recognized as the world's tallest outdoor lift.

Wittur announces the availability of C-MOD car door with Wittur ECO+ drive available as option.

The current status of more than 300 registrations a year before the trade fair begins is a clear indication: as with all previous events the interlift will once again grow further.

Participants in the first E2 Forum Frankfurt have taken a decisive step forward to the future of vertical and horizontal conveyance in buildings and urban areas:

Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition has enlarged its target in terms of attendants, visitors and area square meter, the 4th of which will be held in CNR-EXPO Yesilkoy between 20th-23rd March 2019.

9th Elevator Symposium and Exhibition organized by Izmir branches of TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) and Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) was realized during October 18-20 at Izmir MMO Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center.

On October 2nd-4th, 2018, the elevator exhibition "EURO-LIFT 2018" was held at the exhibition center Tarki of the Polish city of Kielce. About 10 companies from Turkey attended in, EURO-LIFT 2018; the largest elevator exhibition Eastern Europe.

Zorlu Asansör attended in Expo Elevador Brazil with slip safety system (parachute brake), speed controller, hydraulic buffer, cabin rollers, a door opening magnet, elevator door rollers, locks, and lubricants.

Stof Asansör took part in 7th Expo Elevador Brazil, which was held BETWEEN 4th-5th September 2018. The motto of Stof Asansör goes as  “EACH AND EVERY DAY, ONE MORE STEP FORWARD ...”


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