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The KM-30S is a door control card developed to eliminate installation difficulties due to lack of available space, minimize inefficient space-use and control heavy/light doors slowly or rapidly in a reliable manner without any vibration.

Aybey Elektronik combined its experience of 26 years in production of elevator control system with the experience gained with AE-LIFT motor drives in development of AE-MAESTRO, Integrated Lift Control System.

Global economy has completed the year 2018 with slowing signals, ongoing high risks and increasing uneasiness. 

Özbeşler Machine Industry, which was started in a small workshop in Erzurum’s Horasan district has reached a structure that exports %50 of its production to countries like Russia, Egypt, Greece, and Iran after its entrance to the lift sector in 2004.

GENEMEK, one of Turkey’s leading companies in the lift sector has gained the reputation of being the biggest company of Europe and second big company in the World in lift sector.

EMAK Lift is aiming to become a global brand with putting the lifts produced in regards to European norms to market.

Devas Lift General Manager Mustafa Devedaşı said that in the fields of horizontal handicapped platform and homelift, they are manufacturing with %100 domestic production with their own capital

Lifts Escalators Industry and Technology Fair (Eurasia Lift Fair) opened its doors between March 20-23 2019 at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy.  Being one of the most important fairs sector-wise, Eurasia Lift Fair was arranged in a 25 thousand square meters fairgrounds.

On the capital of Algeria, between 10-12 December 2018, International Lift Fair LIFT-EXPO, Set in Algeria Safex Fairgrounds, has witnessed a landing of Turkish Lift Manufacturers. Besides Turkish lift manufacturers, lift manufacturers from Algeria, France and China have shown massive attraction to the fair.

Last year in lift sector BRM Electronic Co. Ltd. which have founded for the manufacture of 81/28 approved two ways emergency communication system has presented its R&D completed new products in Eurasia Lift Fair.

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