June 28, 2020

‘DORU’, while making a name with its distinctive lines, fulfills its energy demands for meeting all traffic needs in businesses from aluminum-made guide rails. Thus, the negative things like voltage drops due to batteries and current inefficiencies caused by battery-powered systems are prevented. When compared with the battery-powered systems, ‘DORU’ marks itself in the sector with %75 performance surplus, 45 degree inclined steps by a carrying capacity of minimum of 300 kilograms. With its uniquely designed transmission build, not only there is no variance occurring between speed and the carrying capacity, but also with the MDR technology, the energy consumption is kept under 10 Ampere.

Devas Asansör is the only company in Turkey as of 2019, mass producing vertical straight and curved stairlifts domestically and nationally after a long R&D process. It produces and develops vertical stairlifts which are requiring cutting-edge technology with the technology infrastructure of ‘Mechatronic and Industry 4.0’. 


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