Şamil Çahal, Project and Sales Engineer of Has Asansör Russian market is difficult but very good market to develop yourself.
Kemal Uyumaz, Ah&met Asansör Sales Manager Ah&met Asansör has taken its place in Russian Lift Exhibition for fourth time
Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Elevator Association: "Russian Lift Industry is Getting Stronger day by day"
Russian Elevator Week was held From April 25th to April 127th 2017 in pavilion 75 at VDNH. We met with our readers and visitors through…
International Exhibition of Elevators and Elevator Equipment "Russian Elevator Week" was organized between April 25 and 27 in Russia.
Liftex, International Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment which has opened its doors for the 6th time in Tehran, Capital of Iran in 2017…
Metroplast which has participated for third time in CNR Eurasia Lift Fair introduced its gearless machine of which R&D activities took 2 years.
Merih Asansör which has fallen within the leading firms of the sector since 1977 celebrated its 40th year with a cocktail given on the second…
Kağıttanişler which participated in Eurasia Elevator Fair and exhibited its products won recognition with the production of “Printed Pattern Glass”
Exhibitions are the places where manufacturers talk about themselves and can make presentation. Considering a good number of people therein, they gather different cultures, different…
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