Ozer Group of Companies depending on the established 1.5 years ago to Fronte Elevator (Fronte Elevators And Building Systems) target, which continues to work towards becoming a national brand in…
BST merged with MONARCH, the business unit of INOVANCE on Elevator, with the aim of creating an elevator platform with world-leading production and creative R&D opportunities.
Ömer Çakmak, the founder of Özbeşler Asansör said that their company is acting with a principle of ‘high quality, fair price and longevity’ with an export of %50 of their…
As of January 1, Procube Endüstri 4.0 Teknoloji Sistemleri A.Ş. has signed a solution partnership with Iyon Software and established a solution partnership.
LiftUp Istanbul Regional Manager Ahmet Gündoğdu: "Liftup Elevator is putting its best efforts to add value to the sector with its 10-year installation and then 8-year production experience in its…
Ametal will continue its operations from its new factory with a total area of 7000 square meters in Tuzla Orhanlı as of 21ST February.
Davut Keleş, as a Mechanical Engineer, said that they aim to produce package elevator systems in Ankara production facilities that will start production in June 2020, and to export 50…
ASP Engineering, which is based on 2000s and has been operating since 2011, carries out elevator design, certification, consultancy services as well as elevator materials wholesale activities. With its headquarters…
Fupa Asansor Ins. Paz. Singing. ve Tic. Inc. has reached the final stage in the new factory and test tower investment, which started in 2018.
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