The first international exhibition of LIFT-EXPO Algeria was held on December 10-12, 2018 at the Safex Exhibition Center in the capital of Algeria. The second exhibition will be held in the same center from March 16 to March 18, 2020. The first Lift Expo Algeria exhibition received the highest praise from Turkish elevator manufacturers and exporters. The exhibition featured stands of 30 Turkish elevator manufacturers, on which, along with Algerian, French and Chinese companies, there was a keen interest. Preparations for the second Lift Expo Algeria show are accelerating. Compared to the first exhibition, even more visitors and participants from countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Dubai, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, and, of course, Algeria will take part in it.

Custom procedures for Morocco and Tunisia
The 2nd Lift Expo Algeria is organized by Expert Fuarcılık and Mena Exhibitions. The organizers are working hard to ensure that the success of the second exhibition exceeds the success of the first. According to the information received from the official representative of Expert Fuarcılık company, Tuncay Celikoz, the number of visitors to the Lift Expo Algeria will increase several times due to special studies conducted in North Africa, such as Libya and Egypt, and especially Morocco and Tunisia. Mr. Celikoz said the company pays particular attention to Morocco and Tunisia. He said: "In these two countries there will be no industry experts who would not visit our exhibition."

The number of participants and the exhibition area increased by 100 percent
The second exhibition will be held at the Safex Algerian Exhibition Center from March 16 to March 18, 2020. The performance of the Lift Expo Algeria International Exhibition of Elevator Equipment has increased in terms of the number of exhibitors and exhibition space. Mr. Celikoz noted that an increase in the number of exhibitors and exporters, especially from Turkey, China and Europe, should be expected in this exhibition and said: “The second Lift Expo Algeria exhibition has reached 100% growth. We are absolutely sure that we will also provide a 100% increase in the satisfaction of our companies participating in the exhibition. ” Algeria is the second largest country among the countries of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean basin. Algeria has the world's largest reserves of natural gas and oil and has a large income from the export of these natural resources. This income also provides macroeconomic stability for the country's economy. The construction industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Algeria. In fact, one of the most pressing problems in the country is the need for residential construction and the satisfaction of this need. Algeria is becoming a rising star in the North African economy, and there is a high demand for elevator equipment in the country. The priority development of the tourism sector in Algeria involves the construction of more than 1600 new hotels, thereby representing significant interest for Turkish manufacturers and exporters of elevator and equipment. A particularly advantageous opportunity is the demand of the Algerian market for elevator complexes, which should lead the interest of contracting companies and suppliers in high-quality Turkish products.

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