The current status of more than 300 registrations a year before the trade fair begins is a clear indication: as with all previous events the interlift will once again grow further.

Three quarters of the area of 2017 are now already reserved. On the other hand the exhibition areas available have also been extended through the new exhibition hall 2. It will be in use for the first time within the framework of the interlift 2019.

The Turkish participation will be significantly greater. The 31 lift companies currently registered have already reserved an area of about 60 per cent more than in 2017. Amongst these are numerous new companies; a whole number of regular exhibitors have booked larger exhibition spaces for 2019.


China will once again organize a significant joint participation; approximately 1,000 m² are reserved for this. It is well possible that this area will be expanded after the interlift presentation by the organizers AFAG and the VFA-Interlift on 22 January in Shanghai.


AFAG and VFA are presenting the interlift at the Korean ILEK lift trade fair. In all likelihood this participation will also be enlarged in comparison to 2017.


The Italian Anica lift association has reserved approx. 1,000 m² for its members; well over 30 companies participated in 2017. There were a total of 96 exhibitors, also a new record for the traditionally strongest foreign nation at the interlift. Incidentally, at no other trade fair worldwide does one encounter more Italian lift companies.


Premiere for the “Lift Experts’ Night”

In 2017 the interlift Exhibitors’ Evening was relocated from the Augsburg Exhibition Centre to the nearby WWK Arena, a measure for which there was praise from all sides. The perfect connection to the Augsburg Exhibition Centre by means of a convenient, free-of-charge shuttle service, coupled with the elegant ambience of the Business Area of one of the most modern Federal League stadiums, was a resounding success according to the unanimous opinion of all participants. In 2019 the exhibitors’ meeting with the motto of “Lift Experts’ Night” will encounter a number of innovations; the approved location will definitely remain the same.


New construction of exhibition hall 2 going according to plan

Everything according to schedule: the new exhibition hall 2 will be finished punctually in September next year. The official inauguration will take place within the framework of the opening of the interlift 2019. With more than 8,000 square metres it will then be the largest hall in the Augsburg Exhibition Centre; there is room here for the VFA-Interlift and the interflift forum amongst other things.

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