INELEX 2018 11th Elevator and Elevator Technologies Expo was held in Izmir Exposition Area between 26th – 28th April 2018. Accessory producers, elevator mounter companies, authorized services, industrial foundations, media organs, vocational high schools training qualified employees for the industry and chamber representatives participated in the expo.


INELEX 2018 11th Elevator and Elevator Technologies Expo, as the gathering of Elevator Industry, was held in İzmir between 26th – 28th April 2018. Organized by Efor Fair Organization in cooperation with Foundation of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists (EAYSAD), this Expo presented important business opportunities for professional on both national global scale. 


In INELEX 2018 where the newest products, technologies and practices for elevator industry, used by millions of people, and supported by many leading organizations like ASFED, MMO, EMO, EAYSAD, about 150 companies opened booths to exhibit their products. 


In the 11th INELEX Expo, the elevators with artificial intelligence attracted the most attention. Rapid growing of the construction industry accelerated the development of elevator technologies, as well. Thanks to the technological developments, the elevators, used for carrying the human kind, are now being designed with artificial intelligence.



Center of attraction: Accessible elevators

State of the art technological products were exhibited in booths, one more customized than other, in INELEX 11th Elevator and Elevator Technologies Expo. In addition to the smart elevators (with artificial intelligence), which can be controlled with voice, fingerprint and mobile phones, the accessible elevators used between the floors of duplex apartments, including the accessible stair lifts were closely analyzed by the visitors.


INELEX 2018 visited by many professionals both in national and global scale.

The associates of the elevator industry visited INELEX 11th Elevator and Elevator Technologies Expo from all around Turkey. Foreign professionals from 30 countries, including Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Albania, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunusia, Egypt, France, Serbia, Malesia and Sudan visited the expo, as well. It was conferred that the number of visitors increased considerably compared to the previous expo. The intention to see the products that are produced in line with TS EN 81-20 standards was the main reason for this increase.



Broad participation was conferred in the opening ceremony of INELEX 2018, organized in İzmir by Efor Fair Organization. In addition to the professional associates of the industry, the following people participated in the opening ceremony: İlyas Menderes Büyüklü, T.R. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Directorate General of Industry, Elevator and Telpher Department, Timur Akıvendi, Georgia – Adjaria Ministry of Industry, Department of Elevator, Yusuf Atik as the President of Federation of Elevator Industrialists (ASFED), Mert Öğüşlü as the President of Aegean Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Foundation (Eaysad), Yasemin Bulut as the President of Escalator Industry Business Woman Association (AYSKAD), as well as the representatives of STK, MMO and EMO.



together wıth our frıends ın ınelex 2018

We came together with our friends in INELEX 2018, as in every other expositions. We kept our fingers on the industry both with our booth and via conversations with other companies.

Bu sene 11.’si düzenlenen INELEX 2018 Asansör ve Asansör Teknolojileri Fuarı’nda yine dostlarımızla bir araya geldik.


We came together with our friends in 11th INELEX 2018 Elevator and Elevator Technologies Expo again. We kept our fingers on the pulse of the industry with the conversations both in our booth and the booths of other companies in INELEX 2018, to which we provided the new releases of Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision journals. It did not go unnoticed that there was a considerable improvement in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors in INELEX 2018 compared to the previous years.


INELEX 2018, where approximately 150 exhibitors were present, hosted visitors from all around Turkey, while the professionals from 30 countries had the opportunity to closely analyze the up-to-date point of Turkish Elevator Industry in the Expo. EN 81-20 compliant new products were also being talked about, which generated movement in the expo, in addition to the works of fair organization and EAYSAD.




The launching organized by Association of Elevator & Escalator Industry Business Women (AYSKAD) adorned INELEX 2018 Expo. The participants obtained information about the association in the “AYSKAD INELEX Launching”, having broad participation.


The launching organized by Association of Elevator & Escalator Industry Business Women (AYSKAD) adorned INELEX 2018 Expo. Associated by 28 women founder, actively doing business in Elevator Industry, AYSKAD is the first women association of Turkish Elevator Industry.


Having the women representatives of 7 reputable nongovernmental organization in the Turkish elevator industry, AYSKAD introduced itself in the launching organized in INELEX 2017 Expo, after the first general board.


Yasemin Bulut, in her speech as the President of AYSKAD said that their primary aim is to strengthen the status of business woman within the elevator and escalator industry. Stating to have an objective increase the contribution by women, who are actively doing business in the industry, in the national economy, as well as entegrating more work women into the industry, Yasemin Bulut, as the President of AYSKAD also talked about their other objectives as follows: “We aim at contributing in the development of the industry by providing support on the training, information, organization and strategy for occupational, technical, ethical and professional development of the elevator industry.”


Stating to have the objective to represent Turkish Elevator Industry in international platform, as well, Yasemin Bulut stated to have plans on carrying out important projects with the power of the industry and their solid board structure.


The Board Members of AYSKAD were introduced in INELEX ASKAD Launching, as well: The following members were present at the launching of AYSKAD: Yasemin Bulut as the President of AYSKAD; Ebru İleri, Ela Kocatepe, Dilek Dilek as the vice presidents of AYSKAD; Gülay Pala as the General Secretary of AYSKAD; Gönül Kaya as the Treasurer of AYSKAD; AYSKAD Board Members: Deniz Demirkaplan, Meltem Buger, Nermin Boyacıoğlu, Özlem Altunkaya, Serap Demir. AYSKAD Supervisory Board Members: Songül Aydın, Özlem Zayim, Tansel Namlıses; AYSKAD members: Selda Baloğlu, Özlem Efir, Gülgün Gülol, Fulya Ürgine, Neslihan Tuç, Serap Aydın,Dilek Öğüşlü, Berrin Bayraktar, Nuray Eyigele İşleyen, Şükran Demir, Nurcan Ekiz, Neslihan Coruk, Şehnaz Ekinci




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