Erdem BayraKtar, Ametal Marketing and Sales Director: "We form our investments for different countries and markets"

We had a talk and assessed Interlift with Erdem Bayraktar, Ametal Marketing and Sales Director. Bayraktar who regards Interlift as an exhibition where all developments in the industry may be

observed under a single roof, defines the exhibition as a very important organization where qualified manufacturers expert in their fields get together with qualified and target-specific visitors and actual products conforming to standards were exhibited. Erdem Bayraktar who answered our questions about the exhibition and touched on recent activities of Ametal said that they had important investments for export business and had performed recently works for different countries and markets.   


- Could you make an assessment about the exhibition by sharing your impressions on Interlift?

Interlift maintains its characteristics as the most important special fair where we may observe all global developments in the industry under a single roof. It is a very important organization where qualified manufacturers expert in their fields get together with qualified, target-specific visitors, actual products conforming to standards were exhibited. Thus as Ametal we are attentive to take place regularly in it.


- Could you list your purposes in participating the exhibition and talk about your earnings following the exhibition?

It is a pride for us to represent Turkey in such a platform. We are a firm believing that it is very important to develop export business in the name of our country. It may be possible for us to reduce our high current account deficit collectively in this way. As Ametal Family we regard domestic market as a stability point and foreign market as a high sea to enhance and even fold our capacity. Thus our investments are intended to increase our share in overseas market with sales to different regions and countries. We are very pleased with the interest of the new firms in Ametal and our products in the exhibition where we met. 


- With which products and services did you participate in the exhibition? What are the attitudes shown and questions asked about your products during the exhibitions?

As Ametal we are capable of offering alternatives to our clients with brands and solutions suggested by us on the basis of both package system lifts and lift components. We got an opportunity to offer our alternatives comfortably by benefiting from the structure of our fair stand. Our sample lift from ARIES 450 Machine Roomless Complete Systems and   Robust steel construction solutions received a great deal of attention. Our special stands exhibiting lift shaft sections intended to lay emphasis on our package lift production were appreciated highly. MENOS Announce Cards and COOL Series with 7.7mm thickness which was exposed at CNR Expo in Turkey and “MINILIFT®” as a model lift application becomes an exhibition classic and has continued to be the center of attraction not only drew attention but also became principal product groups sold by us as well as other products exhibited by us; button, operation panel, indicator diversity, control panel and LWS 3F Load Weighing System.


- What are your targets in Europe as a firm? Could you inform us on them by describing your current activities?

Ametal has rendered service to Europe and regional area at high quality and standard levels. We provide service to a permanent customer portfolio which grows up with each passing day. Generally I’m proud of the recognition of Ametal raised to higher levels in the name of my firm. Our target is to proceed on our way by increasing our shares in current countries with our products and services offered with high quality and engineering vision, package systems and productions. Thus we maintain our education and investments by bringing qualified coworkers to our teams.   


- Starting from exhibition, what are your impressions on global lift industry principally European lift industry?

Turkey has a wide experience and business opportunities in construction industry which can’t be even imagined by any European country. Even though many well-established firms in Europe has high know-how and innovation levels, hot demand which haven’t still exceeded modernization project levels and extremely rare number of new projects cause troubles. Thus it doesn’t seem possible for local European firms other than multinational firms to make the investments to exceed current limits in short and medium terms. Turkey is a country has a potential full of opportunities in not only metropolitans but also its all regions. When Turkish lift manufacturing industry is compared with manufacturing levels of other developing countries, it is very clear for us to be well ahead and many experienced European countries have directed their production to the Far East. Considering its geographical position dating back to old times and multicultural identity coming from the past, Turkey has the advantage of acting as a go-between EU, Middle East and Far East. If a right strategy is put forward as well as aforementioned advantage, our firms modernize their production facilities by reinforcing their corporate structures and reach the levels to meet high expectations; it’s just a matter of time before we lead the industry.       


- Starting from your impressions in the exhibition how do you assess the developments experienced by the lift industry on the basis of product and firm? What can you say about the developments and problems experienced by the sector?

Sector is seen to be in growth trend throughout the world. Qualified workforce has been still sought by the firms. Innovative electromechanical solutions and visual quality   on the basis of products have come further into prominence day by day. There is a feeling that long running businesses where competition is based on not only prices but also quality, engineering solutions and reputation are in the forefront will come to the fore in the future.


- A little bit about Ametal. Do you have any project or investment that you plan to put into practice as a firm?

As a firm with a structure which places importance on innovation and pioneers the change for bringing innovations, we pay a strict attention to R&D activities. Thus our innovations for both products and service are going on progressively in our new factory launched in May 2017.   


- Could you talk about your targets by giving information on your export activities in the recent period?

Export is a requirement for us as a country. It is an obligation and an opportunity as well for all of us. We have exported our products to more than 55 countries. Considering there are 195 countries in the world, we have much more opportunities. We are motivated so and keep our marketing activities going progressively.


- Economic and political developments experienced throughout the world caused a serious market loss and deviations in Turkey. Could you share your studies and your solutions introduced by you for the matter concerned?

There is no doubt that such economic and political developments will continue to happen. It is very important for us to take firm steps by following closely current developments and considering predictable possibilities and to be indispensable with product and service quality offered by us. 


- Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to take this occasion to thank you all Lift Vision Magazine and its team and wish them a continued success.


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