"We received very nice comments about our products at Interlift"

We had an interview with Tayyip Baran, General Manager of Hedefsan. Stating that exhibition went extremely well for them, Mr. Baran said that they were pleased with close and warm interest of visitors in spite of their first participation. 

Tayyİp Baran, General Manager of Hedefsan: "We received very nice comments about our products at Interlift"


We had an interview with Tayyip Baran, General Manager of Hedefsan. Stating that exhibition went extremely well for them, Mr. Baran said that they were pleased with close and warm interest of visitors in spite of their first participation.  


- Mt. Tayyip what about your impressions on Interlift in which you have participated first?

Interlift was very productive for our firm even though we took place first there. Firms approached us curiously and warmly. Difference of Interlift than similar exhibitions in which we have participated is the fact that it is completely customer-oriented and may fulfill consumers’ goals as for meeting their needs. 


- Could you list your purposes in participating the exhibition and talk about your earnings following the exhibition?

To raise our brand awareness and to meet new customers in European market fall within our goals in participating in the exhibition. As a result our assessment following exhibition, we saw that we reached our goals, because we had a lot of firms which got in contact with us dollowing exhibition. We obtained very important results with the advertisement of our firm and market studies intended for European market.


- With which products and services did you participate in the exhibition? What are the attitudes shown and questions asked about your products during the exhibitions?

We participated in the exhibition with our new controller card conforming to newly updated standards (EN 81-20 & EN 81-50), HD Be driver, HD Driver and prewired control panels. We received very nice comments and reactions about our products. Our control panels draw the attention of our visitors especially from European countries. 


- What are the outstanding features and advantages of the exhibition as compared with other exhibitions?

Firms got the opportunity to achieve their targets since there are a larger number of the persons involved in the industry. We didn’t meet the ones who are there just for visiting purposes as in many exhibitions. Visitors are completely solution-oriented and made up of professionals

- What are your targets in Europe as a firm? Could you inform us on them by describing your current activities?

We may summarize our goals in European Market as to give franchises in European countries, to create a new customer network and to advertize our products in best way. We perform our studies on foreign trade and marketing in line with them.


- What are your impressions on European lift industry?

European lift industry is made up of the firms which have kept up with technology and achieved to reflect it in technology in best way. In this sense firms which aim at running existing technologies into the ground attach great importance to the security. They take their R&D activities and technologies forward on this point.


- How do you assess the developments experienced by the lift industry on the basis of product and firm in accordance with your impressions on the exhibition in general?

Lift industry has become a field which keeps up with technology in global manner. Studies are performed in order for the industry to be more productive, more comfortable and more credible. Firms are seen clearly to manufacture high-tech products by developing their technologies with each passing day. Lift industry should take precautions on assembly, maintenance and end user to affect human life and conduct studies about them.  


- Do you have any project or investment that you plan to put into practice as a firm?

Our investments and projects go on under the brand of Hedefsan. As a firm we aim at developing our products with each passing day by keeping up with technology and gaining an important position in our current market by reflecting our technology in our each product. We make our investments by concentrating our attention on R&D and production and support our R&D activities continuously. Our studies go on to produce lifting systems designed and managed within the body of our firm from lift control cards to drivers even to UPS systems in an integrated way.


- Could you talk about your targets by giving information on your export activities in the recent period?

I would like to mention that our export activities go on beyond our targets and predictions in recent period. Our goals are to make our products know by giving franchises in the Middle East and African Countries and to allow our control systems to be used all around the world . 


- Anything else you'd like to add?

Considering Interlift and global lift industry in general all firms are seen to leave their old-fashioned structure gradually and to keep up with new technological systems and to wan to develop most reliable and comfortable systems conforming to standards. It is not so difficult to infer it from our visits and international exhibitions abroad where we have showcased our products. Thus it is compulsory for our country to keep in step with current developments. As Hedefsan we keep up with global technologies and work unceasingly to fly the flag of industry in our country by performing R&D activities in accordance with these technologies.


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