Interlift continue to grow up

Interlift which falls within the leading exhibitions in lift industry and was held between October 17 and 20 brake visitor record.


Results of the surveys conducted simultaneously at the exhibition had coverage in the statements of exhibition firm. Participating firms’ return for the exhibition is stated to increase with each passing year in the questionnaire study indicating a growing number participants and visitors.  It is stated in the declaration: “Interlift which was held first in 1991 has continued to grow up. AFAG which has organized the exhibition achieved a considerable success by increasing the number of participants and visitors with each passing year. Interlift which was held in Germany, Augsburg between October 17 and 20,2017 achieved another great success with 21 thousand 260 visitors as well as 574 firms.  Whereas foreign visitors’ rate was 60%, 114 countries participated in Interlift 2017 and broke a new record.


Developments in the international lift industry are estimated to be more positive as compared with two years ago. According to the investigations and surveys 34% of the participating professionals foresee a highly increasing trend and 71% of them think that market will be better. Considering urbanization trend dominating the whole world there is no doubt that they are not utopian dreams.  


Interlif 2017 get the full marks from high-level visitors

Interlift 2017 became a platform where global lift experts come together. High quality of visitors was confirmed again with the representative questionnaire. According to the questionnaire 85% of the visitors have a say in the investment decisions of their firms. Even 32% of them are senior executives. Thus assessments on Interlift are more significant: whereas 70% of lift experts rated the exhibition 1 (very good) or 2, 25% rated it 3.


Firms which participated in Interlift obtained perfect results.

As it was two years ago, Participating firms were glad with perfect participation results. Whereas 69% of the firms which opened a stand rated their experience in the exhibition 1 (very good) and 2, 22% of them rated it 3.  Expectations are very high from ongoing relationships which have begun at interlift. 22% of the firms rated the exhibition 1 by new commercial relationships, 41% of them rated 2 and 27% of them rated 3.


Augsburg became the second home of Italian lift industry

About 100 Italian lift companies participated in Interlift 2017 and it has been the highest number up to now. ANACAM participated in the exhibition as a firm representing the interests of Italian visitors other than ANICA. Interlift has become the most important access point to global market for Italian lift companies.   Augsburg has become the second home of Italian companies participating in Interlift.


Preparations will start after a while later: Interlift 2019: held between October 15 and 18.

Preparations for a international exhibition takes a long time. Thus AFAG Messe und Ausstellungen GmbH hosting the exhibition has no time to breathe. Preparations for Interlift 2019 will start after a while later. Participation documents will be submitted in early 2018” 


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