Arkel, one of the leading firms in the field of electronics in the sector aimed for the sky with its new board and location. Arkel moved to its new modern and practical location occupying 11 thousand squares meters and including a 6-storey building. Arkel, which gathers all units from production to shipment and obtained 50% increase with its production site, targets to grow twice in next five years with its new CEO, Mahmut Bertan who worked as senior manager in international organizations. 

 We talked about new targets and studies of Arkel by getting together with Mahmut Bertan, CEO of Arkel. Mahmut Bertan informed us on many subjects from moving process to their new production goals and from export activities to their new sales strategy in the interview performed in a very sincere atmosphere. Mahmut Bertan with whom we became closely acquainted by listening to their career and business life said in our interview “ my acquaintance with Arkel and decision to collaborate with it followed my decision to manage production process and to play an active role in a more dynamic organization which I haven’t experienced before and desired to be in. The fact that Arkel was bought by a private equity firm and that it determined a bigger goal and then its investment and entrepreneurship decisions attracted me. As you would appreciate it was a great change for me to work in a local firm after my over 20-year experience in foreign corporate firms. Arkel has got a corporate ID and reached a significant position in sector and become a well-known brand. Thus I accepted the offer of Arkel for me in the position of CEO with pleasure and started my business as from July.


-We moved to our new location

We have many works to do and there are a vast number of expectations from us. This year we will deal with the reorganizations in house. We moved to our new location. We gathered production site, storage and offices under the same roof. Our new location includes a 6-storey building and area of 11 thousand squares meters.  In first stage we will deal with them to reinforce our corporate structure. On the other hand we have increased the frequency of customer visits. We have visited our customers who perform their activities in various cities and regions. We know that as much as you keep in touch with your customers, you are loved. However we have dealers and salesmen. We work hand in glove with them always. On the other hand we have had more frequent interviews with our suppliers. It is necessary for us to quote more affordable prices and accordingly to procure appropriate materials in order to stay ahead of the game in a competitive market. 


- We will continue to support our R&D activities

First and foremost Arkel has never discontinued investing in its R&D activities. We will pay sufficient attention to R&D support in order to introduce new products and technologies. We will have significant investments in innovation. We will try to introduce more competitive products and to enlarge our network by bringing them together with customers. 


- Our export goal is 50% with new markets

Currently we export to almost 60 countries. Our export rate has been generally within the range of 15% to 20%. My greatest goal is to raise this rate to 50%. We target to reach new markets and customers for this purpose. Thus we have initiatives in Western Europe, Middle East Countries, Russia, India and Iran. Since the abovementioned countries are the geographical places that I’m well acquainted with, our goals therein are great. We target to grow twice in the forthcoming 5 years.   


- We have an idea to establish a production site in India

However we use our reasonable efforts in order that our current product range be almost perfect and even perfect. Our current production capacity is capable of meeting the existing orders easily.  We may have investments in the countries which have a market as large as even larger than Turkish market.  Although not yet certain, we plan to carry out a production structuring in India. Main purpose in this point is to avoid difficulty in shipment and time loss in the sales from Turkey to India. We plan to play a more active role in the regions thanks to the production therein. If it becomes successful, we plan to convey the same structuring to other markets.”


 “We inferred from our interview that Arkel has taken firm steps forward the aim of being a global brand with its new investments. Arkel seems to increase its existing stake and brand value in global market with its various, well-quality and innovative products thanks to its current and future investments at home and abroad.”


Who is Mahmut Bertan?

He was born in Ankara, 1967. He took primary, secondary and high school educations in TED Ankara College Foundation High School. He completed his undergraduate education in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Surrey University after being transferred from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering. After getting an MBA degree in Western Illinois University, he started to work in department of international marketing in the headquarters of Molex in Illinois in 1990.


After working in the departments of marketing and product management in USA and German units of Molex for total 6 years, he returned to Turkey in order to establish Turkey Office. After managing Turkey operation of Molex for almost 10 years, that he turned from a start-up to a industry-specific success, he worked in the position of global marketing manager in same firm in consumer electronics industry for 3 years.


He carried his experience in sales, marketing and management in electronic components industry into Weidmüller of German origin, one of the leading firms of industrial automation sector in 2010. While he was working in the position of General Manager in Turkey from 2010 to 2016, he worked in the positions of Middle East Director for 1 year and India Director for 1.5 years correspondingly and managed the regions of IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa) in 2014 and MEACAT (Middle East, Africa, Central Asia & Turkey) in 2016 as VP of Sales & Marketing.


He started to work in the position of CEO in Arkel Elektrik Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.,a leading firm in the sector of  lift control equipments in 2017,July. Mahmut Bertan is married and father of two children. He speaks Turkish, English and German.

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