September 23, 2020


Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Elevator Association: "Russian Lift Industry is Getting Stronger day by day"

We met Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Lift Union which is the most competent Institution in the field of elevators in Russia and got information on Russian lift industry. Viktor Tishin stating that Russia is one of the strongest markets in lift industry said that as Russian Elevator Association addressed to the sector in general and all firms involved in the sector are subordinated to them in the lift industry which develops and grows up day by day. Viktor Tishin stating that they direct the standards in lift industry around Russia said that they have invested in technology and wanted to manufacture high-tech products.


Russian National Lift Union which directs the lift industry and form the sector by providing an integrity around the country consists of 10 firms to which 1500 firms involved in the sector are subordinated. Decisions which were enforced by the state during the period of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were left to National Lift Union upon the change of regime and foundation of the Republic of Russia. Russian National Lift Union to which all manufacturers and firms performing their activities in Russia fall within the organizators of Russian Elevator Week.

Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Lift Union stating that Russian Lift Industry has continued to develop and grow up in spite of the economic problems experienced in last few years said that we may observe the development of lift industry with the development in Russian Elevator Exhibition. Tishin stating that 22 new firms invested and started to perform their activities in Russia said that other firms speeded up the investments in machinery and increase in the volume of the sector forced the firms to make investment. Viktor Tishin, mentioning that the sector wanted to develop itself technologically, wanted to enter into cooperation with foreign firms.  Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Lift Union said “Upper class elevators are preferred in Russia in the recent years. Consumers and officials of construction firms preferred the latest products in their new buildings. Russian people deserve this. Thus we demanded best and most comfortable products. Whereas the increasing need for products forces Russian Firms to reinforce their technological infrastructure, it makes the products coming from abroad preferable at the highest technological level. 35% of the elevators manufactured in Russia are imported. Leading countries importing them and China and other Far East countries and European brands fall within them. 


There are 400 thousand elevators around Russia and at least 50% of these elevators should be replaced. People who are living in the buildings without elevator request elevator and save Money for this. However our government provides loans to people for it and grants loan for the buildings without elevator and supports the initiatives for the matter concerned. New elevators over 30 thousands are being installed.  


Our investment in technology leads our greatest targets. To catch the era in the lift technology on which we get behind and to take it a step further is the primary one of the subjects to which we have attached importance. We export the parts in the projects requiring technology. We have participated in the exhibitions organized abroad. We would like to make production with the technologies that we have seen in the exhibitions organized in China, Germany and Turkey”. 


Viktor Tishin, Chairman of Russian National Lift Union, touching on the success attained in the exhibition said “we may observe the development of Russian lift industry with the gradual growth of our exhibition and interest in the exhibition” and stated that they are well satisfied with the success attained in the exhibition..


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