International Exhibition of Elevators and Elevator Equipment "Russian Elevator Week" was organized between April 25 and 27 in Russia.

Organization called as "Russian Elevator Week" was held From April 25th to April 27th 2017 in pavilion 75 at VDNH. 179 firms from 19 countries participated and opened a stand in Russian Elevator Week bearing the characteristics of only one elevator exhibition in Russia. Firms offered modern solutions to the customers while exhibiting their high technologies and innovations.  Firms put commonly the Technologies developed for the people with disability, updated elevator security systems and outstanding designs of elevator cabins to forefront in the exhibition.

5 Thousand 400 professional visitors were welcomed to the exhibition

Russian Elevator Week 2017 was held From June 9th to June 11th 2015 in pavilion 75 at VDNH. Exhibition where 179 firms from 19 countries opened a stand was followed by more than 5 thousand 400 hundred professionals in the sector. Construction experts, industrialists, city planners, representatives of housing and social services, hotel managers, spare part dealers, representatives of auditing authorities and purchasing agents of great firms fell within the visitors. 


Opening ceremony attracted considerable attention

Representatives of Federal and regional government officials of Russian Federation and a great number of invitees took place in the official opening ceremony of the exhibition as well as Sergey Stepashin Russian Federation, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Housing, Chairman of Public Council, Andrey Chibis, Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mikhail Ivanov, Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Director of Construction and Machinery Department, Victor Tishin, Chairman of National Lift Association, Lexiang Zhang, Secretary-General of Chineese Lift Association, Michael Gubisch, Vice President of VFA - Interlift E.V, Kim Ho Il, Republic of Korea, Chairman of Lift Executive Board,  Dmitry Mikhailov, Vice General Manager of VDNH, Maks Vaksman First President of National Lift Association and Vadim Sokov, Chief Supervisor of Moscowe Region. 


Sergey Stepashin Russian Federation, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Housing, Chairman of Public Council who gave an opening speech and emphasized that the exhibition got an international achievement said that this achievement is as a result of 15-year effort.  Sergey Stepashin stated that Russia has more building structures than European countries and called attention to the fact that the said buildings should be practical, comfortable and reliable.


Supporting the speech of Sergey Stepashın, Andrey Chibis, Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said that they have initiated a quick replacement program and contributed to the replacement of old elevators as immediate as possible.  Andrey Chibis, mentioning that they set a budget for lift in their regional replacement program within this scope said that the elevators suited in the buildings should be comfortable, safe and supportive.  Andrey Chibis added that 18 thousand elevators have been maintained and replaced in the last 3 years. Chibis said “Our people will obtain a different life quality with modern, safe and comfortable elevators”. 


Dmitry Mikhailov, Vice General Manager of VDNH talked about the positive trends during the official opening ceremony of Russian Elevator Week. Dmitry Mikhailov said that exhibition grew 20% in spite of their complicated economic structures.


Opening ribbon was cut together with all speakers and a tour around exhibition area was taken. 


Turkish Firms take place among international firms

Total 179 firms from 19 countries including Germany, China, South Korea, Italy, Turkey and Greece participated in the exhibition this year. The firms like Mitsubishi Elevator Co, Orona, Mogilevliftmash as well as the foreign market leaders like Tmann, Vega, Wittur. Furthermore the firms like Moslift, KMZlift, Scherbınka Elevator, Evroliftmash, Parnas Enterprise, SIB Elevator, Neiron, Chelyabinsky, "Witchel", Cheboksary Elevator, ELBRUS falling within the greatest Russian firms met with the visitors in the exhibition. Ah&met Asansör, Akış Makine, Asansör Vizyon Dergisi, Centa, Has Asansör, Önersan, Steimberg Asansör, Tempo Rulman and Zorlu Asansör from Turkey brought the visitors with products and services.

Excess of old elevators makes Russian market attractive

Whereas manufacturing firms show their products and services, component manufacturers got the opportunity to explain the technologies and services developed by them for Russia having a great revision market.  Various elevator cabins with modern design, sound control systems and programs, innovative technical solutions and handling equipments intended to create an accessible environment attracted great attention in the exhibition. Firms got the opportunity to introduce their products and services for the matter involved in the market where the elevators intended for the people with disability are preferred to a large extent. 


Actual developments were discussed in the seminars organized in the exhibition

Fuarda yer alan seminerlerde ise yine dünya genelinde yaşanan teknik gelişmeler ziyaretçiler ile paylaşıldı. Serginin ilk gününün ana etkinliği; Rusya Federasyonu Başkanlar Konferansında 'Rusya federasyonundaki asansör yenileme programı'na ayrıldı. Bu bölümde bölgede onarım bekleyen asansörler ile konut ve toplumsal hizmetler ile asansör endüstrisi tartışıldı. Fuar geneli ayrıca teknik seminerlerde; Asansör derneklerinin yabancı ve Rus temsilcileri seminer sunumlarında; "Asansör endüstrisinin mesleki niteliklerinin değerlendirilmesi için sistemleri, dikey ulaştırma sektöründe, asansör personeline mesleki niteliklerin değerlendirilmesi” gibi konuları masaya yatırdılar.


Technical developments around the world were shared with the visitors during the seminars organized in the exhibition. Elevator Replacement Program in Russian Federation was discussed in the conference of presidents of Russian Federation, main event of the first day of the exhibition. Elevator industry as well as the elevators required to be repaired and housing and social services were discussed during the said event. The subjects like “the systems intended to consider the professional characteristics of the lift industry and consideration of the professional qualifications of elevator personnel in vertical transportation sector” were discussed in the presentations of foreign and Russian representatives of Elevator association.


Reward given to the attention-grabbing products in the exhibition

Exhibition competition organized traditionally witnessed a tremendous excitement. Firms and products entered into cutthroat competition in various areas. Firms receiving prize and relevant areas are as follows:    Scherbinka Elevator for “Best Elevator”, Kocharovsky Mekhanıchesky Zavod for “Best Elevator for National Production intended for Capital & Repair Programs of Housing Industry”, Mogilev Liftmash for “Innovations in Lifting and Transportation”, Neiron and E-Lift for “Elevator Control Systems”,  Lift-Complex DS for “Innovations in Control Systems Intended for Elevators” and JSC Moslift for “the creation of an accessible environment for buildings and urban structures”.


Kleeman won the reward for best stand

KLEEMANN had the best stand in Russian Elevator Exhibition 2017.  Kleemann offered a practical and authenticate design photo with the archtectural concept of the stand. Kleemann came to the forefront with the activities of firm representatives in its stand. 


Special Demonstration were organized in the exhibition

Special-purpose demonstrations were made in the open area around pavilion 75 during exhibition days. Rescue of the passengers stuck in the elevator and tools and equipments used for this purpose and accident rescue operations were stimulated in these demonstrations. 


Following event of the Russian Elevator Exhibition which witnessed a tremendous excitement will be organized in June 18-20, 2019.

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