September 19, 2019


Kağıttanişler which participated in Eurasia Elevator Fair and exhibited its products won recognition with the production of  “Printed Pattern Glass”

We visited their stand and get information on their products. Alper Koç, Founding Partner of Kağıttanişler  said “We made a detailed research in order to meet the demands of sector in different areas under the brand of “Kağıttanişler”. We made a new investment for the production of “Printed Pattern Glass”. Our clients talked about many troubles regarding printed glass and security glass, experienced in the sector forced us to make it. We took it seriously, completed necessary R&D studies and started to make production in the strict sense. Our Project partner was Japanese camera giant Fujifilm for this purpose. We completed the relevant transactions for Breaking and Fire Certification on Product process and safety in accordance with Elevator Regulations.


We became the only one patterned glass manufacturer of which breaking and fire certificate is issued for its name in Turkey. We renewed our url; in order to prepare patterned glass orders and for our customers to follow our services from manufacture to delivery. We started to render service to our customers with more than 1000 different pattern options. We established a design team consisting of 5 persons in order to make customizable designs.  


Furthermore we performed a test for reaction against breakage in elevators. With this opportunity we fulfilled the test for TS EN 81-50:2014 Standard. We would like to show the significance and value given by us to our industry as the first firm certified in its field in the industry.

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