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  • Ark Machine General Manager ARMAĞAN KAN "We did 11 million dollars investment to our new production facility"
  • Arian Elevator serving in Turkey with Adalift brand
  • Exhibition for Elevators and Escalators for South-East Europe
  • Önder Elevator Entered 2015 with Large Investments
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Emay Elevator, increased its exports to Iran from 8 to 25 percent after the Fair
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • Mik-el Electronics Leading to Practice Technology in Elevator
  • Asyalift increases its market share in Lift Expo
  • Zorlu Elevatorsellsproductstothefourcorners of theWorld
  • Mekisan Asansör will duplicate its export
  • Iran Elevator Union, met with representatives of the Turkish elevator industry
  • RST Asansör successfully represented Turkey
  • Löher Asansör aims to increase its export share to 80
  • Export of August is 11 billion 73 million dollars with 5.2 increase
  • ASFED Management Board President Yusuf Atik Our aim is to gather the sector under a single roof and to create a local brand
  • Euro-lift 2014 has opened its doors for the third time
  • Mega Radar
  • Technology Award to ARCODE
  • We have participated to Iran Elevator Fair

  • We want to invest more in Georgia (6 Temmuz 2014)

     President Abdullah Gül was attended also to the Turkish-Georgian Business Forum. Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu pointed out in his speech that as Georgia has very great potential, growth and enrichment light, and said that the Turkish business world was more willing to make trade in Georgia. Hisarcıklıoğlu mentioned that; “As businessmen make investment in Georgia, more job areas will be opened for our brother and sisters. Prosperity will increase in Georgia. Our companies abiding the rules should be encouraged with all sorts of mechanisms here.” He said.

     Turkey's success story

     Hisarcıklıoğlu highlighted Turkey's economic success story in the summer as well and said that; “We actually see ourselves in Georgia. Because we have started to our enrichment story from where Georgia begins now. Not much, almost 30 years ago, our per capita income was only 1,500 dollars. We were making only three billion dollars of exports. 90 percent of it was the agricultural products. Only 300 thousand tourists were coming to our country. That’s when we understood that the development of the private sector was essential for our prosperity.” He said.

     Although Oil and natural gas were not available, we have explored entrepreneurial spirit even there was no capital said Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu and also mentioned the followings; “We have proceeded starting with zero capital. Now we are 16th largest economy in the world and 6th largest economy in Europe's after 30 years. Today we have become the most powerful industrial nation between China and Italy. We make 152 billion dollars of export a year now. 93% of these exports are industrial goods. We are making industrial exports to the world's most competitive markets in America, and Europe. In Europe today one of every 4 white goods sold were from Turkey.

     We are the second country after America manufacturing in 12 different automotive brands. We are now the 6th most preferred tourism destinations in the world. We are receiving 36 million tourists every year to our country. In terms of agricultural products we have become the world's 7th largest agricultural economy. In construction sector after China we became the world's largest power. Our contractors are signing the highest quality works in every region of the world. We have taken the 274 billion dollar projects in 103 countries. We have established the world's largest road transport fl eet after America. By this way we became the only country capable of enriching without oil and gas, in this region, while enriching the state to have wealthier citizens.” He said.

     -President Abdullah Gül

     In his speech at the Business Forum President Abdullah Gül stated that; “If everyone was treated under the framework of transparent, open, as per the rules of law, unforeseen situations does not arise, if various bureaucratic problems in the future does not appear, of course then investors will bring capital, and will invest in the country”. He said.

     Mr. Gül mentioned that, Free Trade Agreement signed with Georgia was encouraging further trade and emphasized that Georgia was signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union now. Mr. Gül underlined that within the framework of the EU's Eastern policy at the meeting which was held in Prague, was attended by Georgia and Azerbaijan also.

     Mr. Gül told that he was giving importance to business forums in each country he visited. And mentioned that excellent ongoing political relations would give its fruits in the economic relations also; “We are not doing business anymore with state-owned companies, those who insist on doing the business with the stateowned companies, have stayed behind. That was the reason of the bankruptcy of a large system. For this reason we all know that to do jobs with the private sector is more effi cient, rapid, and less costly within a competitive environment. As I have encouraged the private sector in Turkey in this sense I am encouraging Georgian private sector. You also come and make invest in Turkey, do business in Turkey with Turkish businessmen, investors go to other countries, all these doors are open.” He said.

     -Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibaşvili

     Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibaşvili called the Turkish businessmen and mentioned the followings; “Georgia's doors will always be open to you. When we look into from our point of view I want to express that we have really fair, equal and transparent investment environment. Your investments will be protected by the state.” He said.

     Mr. Garibaşvili at is speech at the closing ceremony of Turkish- Georgian Business Forum with participation of President Abdullah Gül, also mentioning Turkey was a strategic partner for Georgia he said that; “First of all, Turkey is a friend of our country.” Mr. Garibaşvili also emphasized the important role of Turkey at the point of protection of Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty mentioned that; “"Turkey is Georgia 's number one trading partner and when such a strong partner is your neighbor you will have an extremely important plus” he said.  

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