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  • Action Plan Signed Between Turkish And Russian Businessmen
  • Turkish Business World visited Kuwait with President Gül and returned with the Agreements
  • M. Mehdi Culazade Deputy- Chairman of the Iranian Industrialist and Businessmen Association (İSİAD) ‘Made in Turkey’ products becoming more and more popular
  • İleri Lift’s different designs drew wide attention in Interlit
  • SRL Elevator exports to 17 countries
  • Lift Balkans is rapidly becoming a major exhibition
  • We have participated to Iran Elevator Fair
  • Özbeşler Elevator Vice General Manager YENER ÇAKMAK "I believe that we can reach the Turkey’s selling rates also in Iran"
  • Deltatek aims increasing export rate to 60 percent in 2014
  • The target of the Turkish Elevator Sector for 2023 2 billion dollars
  • On The Back Of Russian Elevator Week
  • New step for economic cooperation with Kazakhstan
  • Turkey has raised the target for Qatar market
  • Private Sector Should Become More Participating In International Organizations
  • Inelex 2014 grows 100
  • HEDEFSAN at new place
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • Ileri Lift Sales and Marketing Representative Erbil Soysal We target increasing our existing exportation to Europe
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Report for the 2nd period of 2013 is released

  • We listened Iran elevator sector from representatives of ISEEI (27 Kasım 2014)

     Alireza Sekhavat, the Head of Iran Elevator Labor Union (ISEEI) who made a brief evaluation regarding Iran elevator sector said that Iran Elevator Labor Union predominates 80 percent of the sector in Iran. Alireza Sekhavat, who recorded that they would like to start cooperation between Iran and Turkey in a short while said in our interview; “Iran Elevator Labor Force acts as a bridge in Iran between the elevator producers and public institutions. Companies coming to Iran from abroad are examined by Iran Elevator Labor Union. Technical commissions established within the labor union, both conduct activities in order to develop the sector and work in order to prepare a technical specifi cation. Another committee is the education committee. Our education committee performs activities to close the education gap of the sector, primarily for the establishment of elevator universities. We also have a committee to which companies make their complaints. Our union has law, fi nancial and administrative consultants. I believe that Turkey and Iran should work in cooperation with commissions established in common. We sometimes need help in technical issues and examination of products entering our country. Therefore I wish that technical and administrative commissions established between two countries would act together and our commercial union would be increased. In elevator sector, Turkey is one of the countries performing activities in Iran most. With cooperation between us, we aim at preventing various negative situations in the sector and obtaining support from you regarding technical issues. I hope we will be able to complete our Works and increase our cooperation in a short time.”

    Amir Reza Hashemi: 40 thousand elevators are produced every year in Iran

    We obtained information from Amir Reza Hashemi, the Consultant of ISEEI about Iran elevator sector and work volume in the region. Hashemi, who emphasized that elevator sector in Iran and Turkey leaped up in recent years said; “Iran is the 18th biggest country of the world in terms of surface area and it has a population of approximately 80 million. In major cities, where population density exists, building constructions increase very fast and with many fl oors. First elevator was produced in 1925 in Iran. The fastest elevator in Iran has a speed of 7m/second and it attracts tourist interest. 95 percent of Iran Elevator Sector is composed of local companies and 5 percent is composed of foreign companies. Especially companies from China constitute the majority of foreign companies. The section, in which 5 percent foreign capital exists tends to grow day by day. In Iran elevator market, 40 thousand elevators are commissioned and 5 thousand elevators are revised every year. As for the types of elevators 86 percent are gear elevators, 10 percent are non-gear elevators and 4 percent are hydraulic elevators. 80 percent of existing elevators are low fl oor, which means they are used in buildings with 6 or less fl oors, their capacities are 680 kg and below, others are used in tall structures with high speed. 60 percent of drive systems in the elevators are below 2m/second and 40 percent are above this number. National standards of Iran will be published in the upcoming days and all elevators will have VVF, that is, inverter. As for the component purchases of Iran, more than 8 thousand gear systems are sent to Iran from Turkey every year. We can observe that there is an intense trade between two countries in terms of components.

     In Iran, approximately 40 thousand people work in elevator sector. We can say approximately 1.500 companies obtained elevator installation certifi cate from our Ministry of Industry. More than 900 of these companies are members of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association. 2.500 companies work in elevator fi eld, provide installation and maintenance service. Approximately 1,500 escalators are produced in Iran in a year. That there are escalator manufacturers in Turkey will be benefi cial in terms of commercial cooperations between two countries. Iran gives very importance to education in elevator sector. Elevator specialist educations are given in more than 6 locations and elevator engineering department exists in two universities.

    In Iran, standards complying with EN 81-1 standards are used. Therefore we are able to procure components from the countries making production in European norms. As we know, standards are important in inter-country trade.

     Summing up the mentioned issues, Iran elevator sector is a very large market and is open to the products produced in Turkey. Another important point is, the geographical location, energy and technology owned by Iran should be well evaluated between two countries and the cooperation should be established without delay. We believe we will not have many problems due to religious and cultural similarities of two countries. The increase in higher education facukties which give education in elevator sector in Iran and which starts performance in this issue shall allow the companies of two countries to benefi t from this isuue with the cooperation to be established.” 

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