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  • KLEEMANN Lifts UK Ltd was ranked 1st among the fastest growing companies of the industry based on sales growth in Great Britain Sales growth 422.7
  • MKS Cable aims to increase market share in Iran
  • Electrical Engineer Serdar Tavaslıoğlu ASSESSMENT OF MACHINE ASSEMBLY IN ELEVATORS BY EN 81-1 + A3
  • We listened Iran elevator sector from representatives of ISEEI
  • Turkish-Arab Business and Political World came together
  • Arian Elevator serving in Turkey with Adalift brand
  • Vital Elevator has increased the speed of production and quality
  • Eurasia Elevator Exhibition to mark year 2014
  • “AVOX” with9.9 mm attractstheworld’sattention
  • Centa Grows by 60 Yüzde
  • ArgesettargetstoexporttoMiddle East, Africa, AsiaandtheBalkans
  • Merih Asansör made a mark at Interlift with two different models
  • Emay Elevator, increased its exports to Iran from 8 to 25 percent after the Fair
  • Genemek increased its market share to 15 percent in Iran
  • Tempo Rulman Exports Half Of Its Products
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee
  • Has Asansör Foreign Trade Manager Ahmet Altındere We started being more active in Poland in 2014
  • Going up and sideways! Germans invent revolutionary elevator
  • EMF Motors, is stronger in its new location!

  • Vasily Komissarov tells about the elevator certifi cation system in Russia (26 Kasım 2014)

     Vasily Komissarov provided special explanations for our magazine regarding the technical regulations which were put into effect in Russia in 2013. Komissarov said; “The system we constituted with technical specifi cations that were put into effect in 2013 in Russia is based on European standards and it is highly compatible. We are quite pleasant with the level that is reached in the sector of elevator. We established a component certifi cation system to ensure that the components we import are compatible with the elevators in our country. We certifi cate the most important parts of the elevators which is brought to our county from abroad to ensure that they are safe and technologically compatible.

     Our certification process is as follows: In 2010, Russian Federation signed a contract with the countries of Kazakhstan and Belarus. Common rules regarding the elevator certifi cates were determined. This contract took effect on January 1, 2011. Within the content of this contract, common interests are protected in customs union and all countries within the customs union are enabled to sell their products without any problems. In this customs commission, there is a list of all elevator and elevator safety tools required for certifi cation. Various properties are sought in elevator safety equipment according to this list and the products having the mentioned properties are certifi ed. Use of foreign brands’ or companies’ products is not allowed within Russia Federation or other countries signing the contract if they are not certifi ed according to the list. You can sell your products or make operations according to the obtained certifi cate.

     This is a technical document. This certifi cate covers the elevator and elevator safety. According to this certifi cate, fi rst you need to have all your safety tools certifi ed. You may have your products certifi ed by one by or have the elevator certifi ed as a whole. Our certifi cation system comprises the issues we deem necessary in terms of life safety and health.

    Companies apply first to have their products certifi ed. At this point, company names and addresses are very important. Then they provide informa- tion regarding their technical infrastructure. They complete the technical document sent to them. Then they convey the drawings and user manuals of their products. Type protocols should also be included here. The copies of previous certifi cates (if any) should be included, too. You send this application to the certifi cation institution. The certifi cation institution makes a decision according to the content of the application. Then a contract is signed with the certifi cation institution. Then a team from the certifi cation institution visits your company. Analyses and controls of the product which is to be certifi ed are conducted. The product or the elevator is certifi ed.

     As for safety tools, there are additional implementations. The safety tools, which are to be used within the countries signing the contracts are taken to the laboratories by the certifi cation institute for examination. The products passing the tests are certifi ed one by one or the elevator is certifi ed as a whole. Certifi cates are valid for 5 years. This certifi cate is the main document for Russian Federation.

    Technical terms in Russian certifi cation process have almost the same features with European directives.

     If I am supposed to provide information for the elevators manufactured in Russian Federation; Russian Federation has produced 570 thousand elevators by today. 70 percent of these elevators were manufactured by the manufacturers located in Russia and the remaining 30 percent are supplied from other countries. Rate of elevator equipments imported into the Russia increases every year. Russia Federation certifi cates 30 thousand elevators every year. Of 30 thousand, 20 thousand are manufactured in Russia and 10 thousand are comprised of the elevators coming from abroad.” 

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