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  • INELEX 2014 brought professionals together in İzmir
  • Exhibition for Elevators and Escalators for South-East Europe
  • Mik-el Elektronik Shows Off With New MD-STO
  • Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık “Local Product is Country Product, World should also use this product”
  • Turkey's industrial production has increased above expectation
  • Emay Elevator, increased its exports to Iran from 8 to 25 percent after the Fair
  • Radical changes New standards alter building components - Interlift 2015 presents tomorrow’s elevator world
  • Genemek All Around The World
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Report for the 2nd period of 2013 is released
  • Ahmet Asansör Seeks Higher Market Share In Russia
  • Turkish and Russia Elevator Sector
  • Bulut Machinery organized a tour to Fermator Factory in Spain
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • Ahmet Asansör General Director Ahmet Madenci Ahmet Asansör will appear more often in international arena from now on
  • Merih Asansör made a mark at Interlift with two different models
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • MKS Kablo aims to increase its export rate to 50
  • Interlift Fair opens with records again
  • Lift Balkans is rapidly becoming a major exhibition
  • Private Sector Should Become More Participating In International Organizations

  • Uzar Paslanmaz aims to become a world leading brand mark (10 Nisan 2014)

     Uzar Paslanmaz, which will start mechanising and manufacturing various products in its own company by means of large investments in 2014, will begin by providing polishing- as a fi rst steptitanium coating and pattern making services with its own resources. With the aim of becoming a popular brand mark not only in Europe but also in the whole world at large by 2018, Uzar Paslanmaz aims to start by penetrating the European market. 

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