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  • Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer Genemek founded to be a world brand
  • Bulut Makine Foreign Trade Expert Ahmet İnan Supply Chain Manager Mustafa Bulut Our capability to meet all demands makes us preferable in European market
  • Kleemann met with industry magazines
  • Fupa Asansör held a tour in Italy
  • Aybey, aims to expand the Inverter series
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee
  • Ahmet Asansör Seeks Higher Market Share In Russia
  • İstanbul is preparing for a new fair organization “International Eurasia Elevator Fair is opening its doors in 2014”
  • Kleemann toured its customers in its factory in Greece
  • Turkish Republic Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık We explained a new "Elevator Action Plan in Turkey"
  • Önder Elevator Entered 2015 with Large Investments
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • Wire Rope Trade Foreigner Manager MUSTAFA KÖŞKER "We are aiming to increase our production quality and our market share in Iran"
  • We listened Iran elevator sector from representatives of ISEEI
  • Adalift Elevator General Manager SAADAT JAZAYERI Arian Elevator Vice General Manager AMİR BAHRAM DARAEİ Arian Elevator Factory Manager DAVOOS KHALAJİ "Arian invests most of its income to Research and Development"
  • Trading with Jordan targets 2 Billion dollars
  • Export of August is 11 billion 73 million dollars with 5.2 increase
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • Genemek All Around The World

  • Ultrarope Technology by KONE; Elevators of Future for High-Rise Buildings (8 Ocak 2016)

    According to United Nations estimates, the Þ gure will rise to 7/10 come 2050. Consequently, high-rise buildings become the sustainable urban solution in populous cities such as Istanbul. When it comes to high-rise buildings, comfortable and safe elevators are a main concern… As the buildings gradually grow higher, the leading elevator companies generate new, higher technology as well. As a prominent global brand in elevator and escalator sector, KONE marks a new epoch for high-rise buildings with new UltraRope elevator technology. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to build elevator, and for sure, buildings, up to 1 km of height.

    UltraRope technology in tallest building of the world…

     Huge skyscrapers, which today make the silhouettes of modern and populous world cities, owe much of their existence to everdeveloping elevator technology. Hadn’t it been for elevators that can travel hundreds of meters high, it would be impossible to provide a habitation for crowded populations in cities. Founded in Finland in 1910, KONE is at the top of elevator market in Turkey as on the world; now, the company brings along very special solutions to high-rise buildings all around the globe via UltraRope elevator technology. Already used in Kingdom Tower, the tallest building on the world, UltraRope technology can attain 1 kilometer travel height, doubling the current limits.

    Lighter, stronger, durable and long-lasting…

    UltraRope technology by KONE offers striking examples from elevators of future. KONE UltraRope consists of carbon Þ ber and peerless high-friction covering, and stands out with its light structure. Thus, the power consumption by elevators in high-rise buildings is remarkably reduced. Less rope weight brings along an impressive difference regarding ropes, balancing ropes, counterweight, car and passenger load in moving elevator. Due to important effect of ropes on the total weight of elevator that carries the masses, the advantages of KONE UltraRope increase as travel distance grows. KONE UltraRope is very strong and can display extra endurance against wear and tear. Its lifetime is expressed as twice longer than conventional steel ropes. Thanks to special covering, it does not require lubrication during maintenance, and contributes to environmental protection as well. 

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