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  • A New Exhibition by DMG Events in Dubai
  • Bulut Makina will speed up exports
  • ÜMİT ASLAN, Owner of the As-Per Group Company "As-Per is giving serving the elevator curtain throughout area of the in the world"
  • Sematic provides production to the world with the understanding of perfect service
  • Lift Symposium and Exhibition 2014 took place in İzmir
  • «RUSSIAN ELEVATOR WEEK» Best novelties. Main trends. Qualifi ed visitors
  • Egypt joins Erteknik Export Portfolio
  • Radical changes New standards alter building components - Interlift 2015 presents tomorrow’s elevator world
  • Fupa Lift and Alberto Sassi are celebrated their 20th anniversary of association
  • ASFED Management Board President Yusuf Atik Our aim is to gather the sector under a single roof and to create a local brand
  • Deltatek aims increasing export rate to 60 percent in 2014
  • Örsan Örs In the Fair most interest was shown to our Elevator Control Cards and EVOS Series Floor Trays
  • Genemek increased its market share to 15 percent in Iran
  • Turkey has raised the target for Qatar market
  • Mega Radar
  • Stoper drew wide attention at Interlift with its folding inner cabin door
  • Moston Metallurgy exports 95 of its production
  • Tempo Rulman Exports Half Of Its Products

  • Turkish Elevator Industry Report for the 2nd period of 2013 is released (6 Temmuz 2014)

     In the report the following data for the elevator industry were shared; “Turkish Elevator Industry should be considered directly parallel to the urbanization and the consequent development of the construction industry. In the coming period, considering growth of the urbanization process in Turkey to be continued it is inevitable the parallel growth in the elevator industry to be continued. In addition, the Turkish investments in the Middle East, in the Balkans and recently in African Countries have infl uenced the Elevator Industry positively.

     The compliance of Turkish National legislation with EU technical legislation, due to Customs Union, and under the “Free Movement of Goods Policy” concept, the sector's exports increased their chances positively. This increase was not limited to only the EU member countries, hence all over the world the demand for Turkish products and trust has been revealed. With the inclusion of EU technical legislation into the Turkish legislation and with the adoption of international standards as “Turkish Standards” EN 81 family of Harmonized standards has been considered as Turkish Standards. In addition, amendments to these standards were taken into applications simultaneously with the member states of the European Union. In this context, TS EN 81-1/2 + A3 standards have entered into force by 1st January 2012.

     In addition, some changes in the content of the Elevator Regulation (95/16/EC) by the EU Commission are planned and energy effi ciency in the elevators and energy labeling is expected to be on the agenda in the next period.

    In 2012, 101 thousand 254 elevators’ annual control was conducted

     Starting with 1st January 2012 the “Annual Elevator Control” applications were revised and implemented, and this was considered as an important development in the “Turkey 2012 Progress Report of the European Union”. In 2012, a total of 101 thousand 254 elevators’ annual control was conducted. And 75 thousand 190 elevators (74 percent) was red labeled. 12 thousand and 62 elevators (12 percent) yellow labeled and 14 thousand and 2 elevators (14 percent) green labeled.

     Investing in African countries has accelerated

     In recent years, Turkish companies began to be seen working in areas such as; overseas mounting, complete (pack) elevator sales. Moreover, elevator installation works in the Turkic Republics of Central Asia and EU countries of our fi rms had signifi cant increase in their number. Especially; the developments of foreign trade with African countries have caused the Turkish elevator companies to increase their investments in these countries. The countries importing Elevator accessories from Turkey are mainly EU Countries, the Middle East Countries and Turkic republics. Moreover it was worth mentioning that exporting components from Far East to South America shows the export competitiveness of the industry.

     However, it was observed that importing of components was focusing on the far-eastern originated products. Especially because of the increasing use of far eastern originated components in our country, has affected our products existing within the framework of European norms. For this purpose, our companies having success in exporting items in the market with a brand value abroad, in order to protect their position, for the imported products in question for the purpose of anti-dumping applications available for individual applications to the Ministry of Economy General Directorate of Imports in terms of the future of the industry is of great importance.

     22 thousand 522 people were employed in the sector

     As per the No. 6948 “Industrial Records Act” requirements, the registered industrial elevators and elevator parts assembly manufacturing fi rms’ number is 657. Moreover, total numbers of elevator companies that have received from Turkish Standards Institute the TSE Servicing Eligibility Certifi cate are 1297. Of this number 963 were the Elevator Assembly Companies while the rest 334 of the total units were (authorized service) elevator Maintenance Company.

     The total number of people working in the Elevator installation, maintenance and repair sector as per the Ministry of Industry based registry records are seen as 22 thousand 522 people. Elevator Industry has the structure of providing high level local employment All of the activities carried out by the elevator sector, can be considered as an important working fi eld providing employment, which was today’s most important issue across the regional business area.

     A large part of our exports were done to EU and Middle East Countries

    When it was examined in total areas relating to the sector, it is seen that total foreign trade volume of the industry was 290 million dollars. Here the important thing was that despite the fact that there was suffi cient capacity in our country, the trade defi cit was high. For this reason, in this regard “Input Supply Strategy” implemented by the Ministry of Economy is important for reducing the impact of the trade defi cit in the sector. Analyzing the fi rst seven months of 2013, for the export of components in elevators and elevator parts for the places of top four countries; China, Spain, Germany and Greece were located. While our Elevators and elevator parts exports were largely made to our neighbors, in general is made to the Middle East countries and the European Union.

    China ranked fi rst in imports

    When evaluating our exports, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are taking front positions. Middle East has experienced a sharp decline in our exports to the countries due to political problems experienced in this area. In the period of January-July 2013, the value of imports from China for the elevator parts and components has taken the fi rst place (23.7 million dollars). Also Italy and Spain have also seen as having a signifi cant share in this area. In our country, a particular development is observed in the elevator industry as was in many sectors. Through the Fair in Izmir, Turkish fi rms and new designs of these companies are bringing positive impacts to our foreign trade. With the initiatives of our country into the countries located in the Arabian Peninsula, for the restructuring of these countries Turkish elevator industry is expected to take a signifi cant share of this development.

     In 2013 the sector recorded an increase in the exports

     When looking into the year 2012 total imports and exports data, the export value of the elevator industry of the country was about 135 million dollars, while the value of imports was approximately 152 million dollars. Thus, the volume of trade was amounted to 290 million dollars in 2012. When looking into the sector for the January-July period of 2013, and analyzing the foreign trade it was showing that; elevators and components belonging to elevator parts export was about 87.5 million dollars in value, while imports was amounted to 111.3 million dollars. During this period, about 200 million dollars of foreign trade of the sector was realized. As a result, the trade defi cit of the sector was observed with the values being examined. In the period January-July 2013 when the elevator components and parts import and export values in this fi eld were considered having a signifi cant share of exports was seen. As per the fi rst six months of 2013, the export values of the companies operating in this fi eld seem to be more than the value of the imports. However, it is observed that; since the end of the sixth month the imports of components and parts of elevators came to an important trend.” 

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