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  • President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU We expect 2014 to be a better year in comparison with 2013
  • Emay Elevator, increased its exports to Iran from 8 to 25 percent after the Fair
  • Vasily Komissarov tells about the elevator certifi cation system in Russia
  • Turkey progresses toward becoming the 16th largest economy in the world in 2014...
  • Has Elevatorexportstomorethan 40 countries
  • Arkel put ‘ARCODE’ on foreign market
  • RST Asansör successfully represented Turkey
  • MKS Cable aims to increase market share in Iran
  • Overview of the Turkish Economy
  • Electrical Engineer Serdar Tavaslıoğlu ASSESSMENT OF MACHINE ASSEMBLY IN ELEVATORS BY EN 81-1 + A3
  • İstanbul is preparing for a new fair organization “International Eurasia Elevator Fair is opening its doors in 2014”
  • Tempo Rulman Exports Half Of Its Products
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • Özbeşler Elevator Vice General Manager YENER ÇAKMAK "I believe that we can reach the Turkey’s selling rates also in Iran"
  • Eurasia Elevator Exhibition to mark year 2014
  • Aygünsan targets to get a permanent share in Egyptian market
  • The target of the Turkish Elevator Sector for 2023 2 billion dollars
  • Iran, an indispensable market for Clindas
  • Uzar Paslanmaz aims to become a world leading brand mark

  • Timur Halilov, director at Turkish Bulgarian Chamber Commerce and Industry Turkey is the second biggest export market (8 Nisan 2014)

     Mr Halilov, can you fi rst mention about your association and its activity. Turkish Bulgarian Chamber Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) is an independent and commercial non-governmental organisation which was founded in 2014 with the aim of supporting to improvement of commercial and economic relationships and is depend on the principle of voluntariness. The mission of Chamber is most expressed in frame of a few main aims.

     These are aims such as to create new business possibility between Bulgaria and Turkey; to provide support to overcome current obstacles and diffi culties in front of trading relationships between two countries and to improvement and establishment of inter-business and interinstitution relationships between current business and institutions in each of two countries; to arrange work forums and activities on various subjects to provide that our members become known by others; to provide possibility for our customers to establish business relationship between themselves and other institutions and their members; to establish a permanent relationship with domestic or abroad institutions with the aim of creating new possibilities for members; to support its members by providing commercial and advise services, to give its members information through various publications and activities; to contribute in improving the trading between Bulgaria and Turkey; to take an important part in improving regional economic relationships; to improve cooperation between members with the aim of ensuring that they get benefi t conjugately and set up a network; to support into making expand of the possibilities of international economic cooperation in frame of various European funds and programmes; to ensure that problems appearing as effective solutions would be solved; to encourage mixed institutions to be set up with the aim of shared projects to be carried in third countries.

     Can you mention about trading and business segments between Turkey and Bulgaria? When we compare the data regarding 2011 between Turkey and Bulgaria with the data regarding 2010, it is remarked that there has been a signifi cant improvement. Trading has increased 25,9%. The exportation made by Turkey has increased by the rate of 11%. There has been seen an increase of 37,7% in the exportation made by Bulgaria. In the year of 2011, with the share of 8,5 % within total export of Bulgaria, Turkey has been the fourth county with which Bulgaria made most export. In the fi rst three positions, there are Germany, Romaine and Italy. On import, Turkey is among the countries which sold Bulgaria too much good and is seventh country with a 4,7% of import share of total import (Behind Russia, Germany, Italy, Romaine, Greece and Spain).

     But when the data regarding 2011 compared with the data regarding 2012, it has been revealed that trends has changed. The increase of trading is around 10,7%. The exportation made from Turkey to Bulgaria has increased 7%, and from Bulgaria to Turkey, it increased around 12,8%. In 2012, Turkey is in the state as second larger export market of Bulgaria, just behind of Germany. Again for 2012, with the share of 4,7% in Bulgaria's total export, Turkey is on sixth place after Russia, Germany, Italy, Romaine an Greece.

     When the data regarding period of January - September 2013 compared with the data regarding the same period of 2012, the increase in total trading is around 17,8%. The increase of import made from Turkey to Bulgaria is 30,9 while the export made from Bulgaria to Turkey increased around 10%. Turkey, in the period of January - September, with the rate of 9.43, has maintained its status as the second larger market of Bulgaria behind Germany and is the fi fth biggest importer of Bulgaria with a rate of 5,79%.

     When Bulgaria's 2012 importation is considered, it is seen that the 23% of cable and wire import (64 million US dollars), 20% of crude aliminium import (40 million US dollars), 29% of fabric import (37 million US dollars), 61% of aliminium sticks and profi le import (34 million US dollars), 77% of cement import (27 million US dollars), 76% of plaques, strips and profi les of vulcanized rubber (25 million US dollars), 41% t-shirt import (25 million US dollars) 29% of plastic packaging materials import (22 million US dollars), 85% of copper wire import (18 million US dollars), 38% of citrus fruits import (12 million US dollars), 38% of tomatoes import (8 million US dollars) have been made from Turkey.

     In what direction does Turkish Bulgarian commercial life is advancing, can you give us some information about current happenings? Total investment of Turkey into Bulgaria between years of 1996 and 2012 is 521,5 million Euros. In another word, 1,3% of total investment (41,3 billion Euros) made into Bulgaria is made by Turkish companies. Therefore Turkey is 19th place on the list of investor in Bulgaria. The period between years of 2004 and 2007 is the strongest years for Turkish investments. Only investment made in the year of 2006 is around 100 million Euros. While, in 2008, Turkish investments stepped back to 21,3 million Euros, it again increased to 53,8 million Euros in the year of 2019. After recorded a decreasing to 24,5 million Euros in 2010, Turkish investments continued to decreasing to 16,1 million Euros in 2011, it has again started increase with the 47,8 million Euros in 2012. In the period of January - July of 2013, the total value of the net investments made by Turkish companies is 3,77 million Euros. Among the biggest 100 foreign investment of Bulgaria, there are investment made by Trakya Glass Bulgaria EAD (Sisecam), Alkomet and Kastamonu Entegre. In the year of 2014, it is expected to be completed of a series of investment projects made by Turkish companies. There are, among them, investments of fi rms such as Eczacıbasi-Monrol, Teklas Bulgaria, Regnum Bulgaria. On the other hand, it has been observed that there is a constant trend of increase in the investments made by Bulgarian companies that operate in Turkey. While the number of Bulgarian companies registered in Turkey is 30, we see that this number increased up to 457 in the last quarter of 2013. Bulgarian fi rms registered in Turkey predominantly operates in sectors such as wholesale and retail trade (182 fi rms), manufacture industry (74 fi rms), estate and project management (56 fi rm), transportation, storage and communication (49 fi rms). According to information collected from department of treasury, the investment made Bulgarian capital fi rms in Turkey is about 28 million US dollars in 2013. In the period between years of 2007 and 2013, four investment incentive certifi cate has been arranged for Bulgarian capital fi rms in Turkey and the amount of total investment foreseen in this documents is at the level of 69,1 million TL.

     What is the general standpoint to Turkish fi rms and brands in Bulgaria? What can you say about the way of perceiving of Turkish fi rms in Bulgaria? Turkish fi rms attract great attention in Bulgaria during recent years. The dual trade that started with "suitcase trading" in 90's continues in or day with great interest with brands such as ETI, VITRA, THY, NOBEL, SISECAM, LCWAIKIKI, ULKER, BEKO etc. Turkish fi rms increase their capacities day to day in every sector of economy from food to textile, machinery to chemical.

     What should be done to improve the commercial life of Bulgaria and Turkey? Which are sectors that become prominent between two countries? For this purpose, it is needed to increase this traffi c. To support fi rms to participate in fairs, to speed passing times up in boundaries, to make easier of visa regime are needed. Trade, tourism and energy seem to be most important sectors. But the potential of tourism is much higher than current levels. 

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