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  • Arkel put ‘ARCODE’ on foreign market
  • MKS Cable aims to increase market share in Iran
  • Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer Genemek founded to be a world brand
  • Turkish-Arab Business and Political World came together
  • HEDEFSAN at new place
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee
  • Ahmet Elevator Sales Manager Kemal Uyumaz We want to increase our exports by establishing lasting friendships
  • Turkish Business World visited Kuwait with President Gül and returned with the Agreements
  • “World SME Forum Comes With An Ambitious Agenda”
  • Private Sector Should Become More Participating In International Organizations
  • Tempo Rulman will increase its export rate to 70 in 2014
  • Aydın Görkem Işıtan ARCODE has seen great interest in India also.
  • Uzar Paslanmaz aims to become a world leading brand mark
  • A New Exhibition by DMG Events in Dubai
  • Emrah Terzan We are trying to improve our relationships with our business partners in India
  • Aybey, aims to expand the Inverter series
  • YENER-SAN is preparingforexport
  • Eren Makina Company ManagerAykan Çayır We grabbed a slice of history by mass producing elevator rail connection elements
  • Vital Elevator Export Manager YAKUP ÜNALMIŞ "We reached 15 percent export rate in a year"

  • The whole world now knows EMF Motor (10 Nisan 2014)

    The new product produced by EMF Motor is known for working noiselessly and saving energy. Becoming more frequently favoured all over the world due to its technical specifi cations and ease of use its products provide, the EMF Motor currently exports 75% of its production.

     EMF Motor aims to produce the smallest, most effi cient and most noiseless – effectively the best – motor in the world. Drawing the attention of the sector with a motor working 20% more effi ciently, EMF Motor continues its R&D and is investing in technology without slowing down. 

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