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  • Liftvision Magazine, was the only brand representing Turkey in Lift Balkans
  • Strategic partnership will increase the weight of Turkey and Mexico in global order
  • Adalift Elevator General Manager SAADAT JAZAYERI Arian Elevator Vice General Manager AMİR BAHRAM DARAEİ Arian Elevator Factory Manager DAVOOS KHALAJİ "Arian invests most of its income to Research and Development"
  • 200 new companies founded a day in Turkey in 2013
  • Centa Grows by 60 Yüzde
  • Ark Machine General Manager ARMAĞAN KAN "We did 11 million dollars investment to our new production facility"
  • Artan Asansör has drawn attention with glass panels
  • Ahmet Asansör General Director Ahmet Madenci Ahmet Asansör will appear more often in international arena from now on
  • IEE EXPO 2014, opened its doors in Mumbai Exhibition Centre
  • Ileri Lift Sales and Marketing Representative Erbil Soysal We target increasing our existing exportation to Europe
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • 15 agreements concluded between Turkey and Hungary
  • Eren Machine exports 60 of itsproductiontonearly 40 countries
  • Turkish Business World visited Kuwait with President Gül and returned with the Agreements
  • The whole world now knows EMF Motor
  • New projects will grow with Turkish elevator and escalator sector.
  • Turkish and Russia Elevator Sector
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee

  • The Political and Socio-Economic Relations between Turkey and Arab Countries Develops Rapidly (6 Nisan 2014)

     What is the regional point of view about Turkish fi rms and brands operating in Gulf Countries? Firstly, in my opinion, my relations with Arabs with whom we share the same history, culture and religion are very good on the basis of both the company and NGOs which I belong to. As a result of my experiences and impression, I can say that the point of view of Gulf countries about Turkey has positively changed in recent years. I have relations with any person from any position due to both my trade and socio-economic relations. Our relation with Gulf countries has been rapidly developing as a result of our government’s foreign policy and incentives for these countries.

     How does political mobility of the region affect Turkey’s trade and future in those countries? There is an uncertainty in political mobility in Gulf countries and especially in Middle East. As for recent events in Egypt, fi rstly it was expected that this situation would slow the trade relations between Turkey and Gulf countries down because exports to Gulf countries were made through Egypt due to problems with Syria. It was expected that the chaos environment in Egypt would give harm to transportation and that transportation would become more diffi cult due to negative approach to the new government in Egypt. However, as we saw in last days, Egyptian government doesn’t prevent transportation. This situation doesn’t cause any problems in our relations. I also believe that there will be no other problems except those in transportation in our relations with Gulf countries.

     How are the potentials of building and lift sectors in the region? How do Gulf countries approach to Turkish Firms? Turkish building fi rms are known to be the second biggest fi rms of the world. Turkish building fi rms make huge invests abroad as well as projects at home. Most of the tenders in abroad are given to Turkish fi rms in Gulf countries due to their confi dence in Turkish fi rms. Turkey’s leading fi rms carry out big projects in Gulf countries such as airports, highways. Therefore, according to my experiences, I can say that their approaches to Turkish fi rms and brands are very positive. As for lift industry, the sense of Turkish brand has already been fi rmly established among Arabs in Gulf countries. I can say that this is primarily a result of Turkish TV series in Arab channels for 5-10 years. Turkish products carry Turkish fi rms a step further in the market competition in Arab countries. I’m sure that there are refl ections of this very same situation in lift industry, too. Having risen in the building sector in recent years, the building material industry has also gained importance. As you know, lift industry is an inseparable part of the building material industry.

     What should the fi rms that want to export to this region do? Firstly, fi rms should make a good market analysis of the region before they export to that region. A detailed market analysis of the region will also be effective for Gulf countries. You need to know a country very well before getting into its market. You need to know the language, religion, culture, laws and etc. of individuals in the region. A well-structured market research can earn you achievements. On the other hand, an ineffective market research can drag you into wrong directions. If you want to export to a country, you should fi rstly go to that country and establish relations with local fi rms there. However, it is important to establish the relations on a legal basis. Therefore, you should know very well both your and other country’s rules of law.

    Other alternative is that you can make contacts with Commercial Affairs Offi ces and Embassies in those countries. I have received and continue to receive the support of commercial affairs offi ces. Therefore, I think that the best reliable way is to make contacts with commercial affairs offi ces. You can receive help from these offi ces in any fi eld.

     How do foreign fi rms working with Turkish fi rms approach to our fi rms? What do foreign fi rms expect from Turkish fi rms? I worked and continue to work with various fi rms in Gulf countries as a part of my job in my own fi rm Beyttürk Investment INC or thanks to my duty in Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association and Foreign Economic Relations Board. As a result of my experiences in bilateral relations or relations between fi rms, I can say that trust is an important factor for Arabs. If you don’t build trust in your trade relations with a fi rm in Gulf countries, you can never have a long lasting relationship. However, if you win their trust, it is very easy to build long-lasting relationships. Turkey’s increasing achievements as a result of the foreign policies of recent years have positively affected Gulf countries’ approaches to Turkish fi rms. Therefore, an Arab citizen gives priority to a Turkish fi rm or brand.

     How does bureaucracy work in Gulf countries and what should fi rms do? To be honest, there is too much bureaucracy in Gulf countries. Therefore, this can sometimes cause time problems. Bureaucracy is a very diffi cult problem for particularly a foreign fi rm to operate in Gulf countries. In my opinion, to minimize these problems, fi rms should take support from local consulting fi rms. Or, as I mentioned above, fi rms should have an appropriate partner that can help them in this process. 

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