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  • On The Back Of Russian Elevator Week
  • Significant participation from Iran is expected to INELEX this year
  • Artan Asansör has drawn attention with glass panels
  • The construction around much of Moscow's International Business Center complex Moskva-City is nearing completion, with the complex set to become fully completed and operational by 2018.
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • İleri Lift’s different designs drew wide attention in Interlit
  • Turkish Republic Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık We explained a new "Elevator Action Plan in Turkey"
  • Lift Symposium and Exhibition 2014 took place in İzmir
  • Liftvision Magazine, was the only brand representing Turkey in Lift Balkans
  • Inelex 2014 grows 100
  • Asyalift increases its market share in Lift Expo
  • Baykal Makina exports to 190 countries
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee
  • SRL Elevator exports to 17 countries
  • Arian Elevator serving in Turkey with Adalift brand
  • Eurasia Elevator Exhibition to mark year 2014
  • Bulut Makina will speed up exports
  • Our stand overwhelmed by visitors in the Poland Fair
  • Merih Asansör Seeks Domination In Russian Market
  • Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer Genemek founded to be a world brand

  • Sofia, is promising in terms of the elevator industry (9 Temmuz 2014)

     For the fi rst time he came to Sofi a and participated lift Balkans Fair said Hakan Başkaraağaç evaluated the Fair as simple but promising. He was aiming to recognize the elevator industry in Bulgaria by consulting the Firms participating to the fair Mr. Başkaraağaç said. “After making consultations, I have learned that, there were various initiatives in Bulgaria earlier for the elevator industry, but as a result of insuffi cient demand in the industry, the sector became to the level of diminishing. Sofi a is the largest city in the Balkans. But there is no production here. Number of mounting fi rms is a few. Of course, it is much more relating with supply and demand balance. The construction sector is newly growing here. They are able to provide arising elevator needs from the neighboring countries. For the time being there is no market for installation and maintenance. However, Bulgaria's entry into the European Union all of a sudden changed everything. The scope of EU directives that have become mandatory standards, promises to create a huge market here. In particular, I would recommend to our components manufacturers and revising fi rms to investigate the Bulgarian market. Because when the revisions start, as far as I have investigated, almost all of the elevators either to be replaced or undergo into a main overhaul and revision in here.” He said. 

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