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  • Kleemann toured its customers in its factory in Greece
  • Turkish Elevator Industry in Numbers
  • Anatolia to be transported with “Viking Train”
  • Bulut Makina will speed up exports
  • Tempo Rulman Exports Half Of Its Products
  • Strategic partnership will increase the weight of Turkey and Mexico in global order
  • Turkish Republic Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık We explained a new "Elevator Action Plan in Turkey"
  • World Leading Trade Fair Interlift With A New Exhibitors Record And Considerable Increase In Space
  • Bulut Makine Foreign Trade Expert Ahmet İnan Supply Chain Manager Mustafa Bulut Our capability to meet all demands makes us preferable in European market
  • In subsequent years, the interest shown to Lift-Balkans will increase
  • Asyalift increases its market share in Lift Expo
  • Mekisan is preparing an expansionto Europe
  • Ametal made a strong impression with the operating panel group
  • Iran Elevator Union, met with representatives of the Turkish elevator industry
  • Aybey Elektronik shall export 50 of its total production
  • Lift Balkans is rapidly becoming a major exhibition
  • EMF Motors, is stronger in its new location!
  • Aybey, aims to expand the Inverter series
  • Technology Award to ARCODE

  • On The Back Of Russian Elevator Week (8 Ocak 2016)

     Russian Elevator Week comprised 165 Þ rms in a single hall. This year, Ahmet Asansör, Has Asansör, Genemek, Yener Asansör, Metroplast, Tempo Rulman, Merih Asansör, Centa Dõ?? Ticaret, Mik-el Elektronik, Arkel, GMV Türkiye, ??ahlift, MamLift, Prosis companies, as well as Elevator World Turkey, Asansör Vizyon and Lift Vision Magazines participated from Turkey.

    The exhibition was inaugurated on day 1 by Russian ofÞ cials. Russian Elevator Week, the only specialist fair organized by Russia on sector level, was an organization where all components of elevator industry were together. The fair is followed by many visitors in elevator and escalator industry from Russia and neighboring countries, and keeps improving. The number of participants and guests increase every year.

    The exposition bore traces of recent economic problems in Russia, but got credit and grabbed attention despite all hitches in the sector. The participating companies are pleased with visitor proÞ le. The meetings at the fair were mostly qualiÞ ed and satisfactory. Apart from Russian market, sector representatives came to visit the exposition from neighboring countries and provided the participants with opportunity to meet guests that they cannot come together on any other occasion. Consequently, Russian Elevator Week was an important organization for companies that want to operate not only in Russia, but also in the region, for which it served like in Soviet Union days.

    Economic crisis affects elevator industry as well

    Russia covers a vast area, but does not comprise many elevator companies; it is estimated that there are about 600,000 elevators in the country and the Þ gure rises by 40 to 50 thousands every year. Russian elevator industry includes about 10 dominating companies with huge trading volume, as well as midlevel Þ rms active in their respective region. Economic crisis, which emerged following the dispute between Russia and Europe, is apparent in elevator industry as well.

    Economic crisis affected building trade, and in turn, it impaired elevator industry. Many ongoing projects were paused in the country, while the planned ones were abandoned. Shortage of cash came in sight all over Russia, where members of elevator industry were also affected and had difÞ culties in repayment. The companies cannot draw back their products or cannot pay for such drawn products. It is estimated that Russian elevator industry will overcome the effects of current economic crisis in mid-2016 and entirely recover in 2017.

     High number of old elevators light up revision market

    Russia has an elevator sector and manufactures elevators for a long time; consequently, there are almost 600,000 old elevators in Russia. These lifts require revision, which leads to emergence of a huge revision market. The market is much favored especially by component producers thanks to high-quality and affordable products. Therefore, Russian elevator industry can be considered as a signiÞ cant market for countries that provide production in European standards and can supply alternative products with affordable prices.

     Tough certiÞ cation process

    Russia is a country where different standards and norms are in force; besides, the toughness of certiÞ cation process render Russian elevator industry a difÞ cult sector to operate in. Russia is very sensitive about safety equipment and demands numerous documents to that end; consequently, Russian market is as compelling as attractive. The sector in Russia has a special certiÞ cation process pursuant to its national dynamics, even though it bears similarities with European standards; it is impossible to join the sector without completing your documents and certiÞ cates. Russians do care about details in order to get the best products; affordable prices are one of the most important elements.

    Russian elevator sector is one of the prominent markets on the globe. Apart from 1-2 exceptional years, the rapid growth in building trade in last 12-13 years brought along a dynamism in elevator industry as well as in numerous sectors. Nevertheless, the macroeconomic problems, which began last year, unsettled both construction and elevator sectors due to relevant fall in demands and loss of value of ruble before US dollar. Economic recovery may take a while, nevertheless, in medium term, Russia will continue to be an important elevator market. 

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