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  • Euro-lift 2014 has opened its doors for the third time
  • Eurasia Fair is expecting many visitors from Iran
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • NBüger Elevator General Manager Necdet Büger We have received extensive assembly request from Arab Countries.
  • Inelex 2014 grows 100
  • Egypt joins Erteknik Export Portfolio
  • Fupa Asansör held a tour in Italy
  • Kleemann Introduces Perfect System to Double The Volume of Parking Areas KLEEMANNPARK...
  • IEE EXPO 2014, opened its doors in Mumbai Exhibition Centre
  • MKS Kablo aims to increase its export rate to 50
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • IECC MosExpo representatives visited our stand
  • Butkon is aiming to become permanent in the elevator market in Iran
  • Aybey Elektronik General Director Melih Aybey We attended the fair to get to know the Polish market, learn about demands and see standards
  • Ahmet Asansör General Director Ahmet Madenci Ahmet Asansör will appear more often in international arena from now on
  • Middle East elevator sector will meet in LIFTEX 2014
  • Moston Metallurgy exports 95 of its production
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Zorlu Elevatorsellsproductstothefourcorners of theWorld

  • Mik-el is increasing 35 of itsexportshareeverypassingyear (6 Nisan 2014)

     Italsodevelopsnew Technologies in thatareaandgivestrainingandtechnicalsupport oftheseproductsaftersale. TodayMik-elcontinuestostandby his customersandprovide service withitsproducts in wideareafromIndiatoEgypt, fromRussiatoMacedoniaandCzechRepublicbyexporting 35 % of itsproduction.

    Mik-el Elektronicwhich is centeredin İstanbul, is the fi rst of Turkey inmicroprocessorelevatorcontrolsystemssector. Inshort time it gainsreliabilityin market byitsproductsandtechnicalsupport, in additionplays an important rolein change of elevatorsintomicroprocessorcontrolsystem. Italso put the fi rstinternalelevatorcontrolsystemhaving Can-Busbased data communication of Turkeyintoservice.

    Mike-el Electronic whichemployeesmorethan 50 staffmembers, continuesitsgrowth in domestic market withitsnewpartners in foreign market. Initsstructureitproducesanddesignsproductssuch aselevatorcontrolsystems, elevatorcontrolpanels, specialinvertorsforelevators,automaticdoordrivecards, electromagneticlocationinformationkeys. Mik-el, alwayscontinuesitsstudies on developments ofnewmethodsandtechnologiestoeasethetroubleshootingandengagingformountersandmaintainers as well as toincreasethesecurityandfunctionality of elevatorsforusersbyfollowingnewtechnologies inelevatorsector.

    Mik-el studies in allstageswithitsexperiencedstaffstartingfromcircuitschemedrawingsandthe software ofelevatorcontrolsystemswhich is defi nedas thebrain of elevator, tofullfunctioningcontrol panel. Itfollowsandtestsallstagescarefullythenputstheproductsintocustomers’ service. Italsousesautomatictestsystemsthatdeactivateshumanfaultsin controlprocedures.

    Mik-el whichcompletesits 25th yearwithreliability of manycustomersfromdifferentcountries on itsproducts,becomes a developingand self-renewingcompanyforthepastyears. Itmakesstrongimpression not withonlycustomers butfriendsandstrategicpartnersandalsobyprovidingdemands of differentmarketsandchangingtechnologiesfor 25 years.

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