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  • YENER-SAN is preparingforexport
  • Has Elevatorexportstomorethan 40 countries
  • Emrah Terzan We are trying to improve our relationships with our business partners in India
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • Mik-el Elektronik Shows Off With New MD-STO
  • On The Back Of Russian Elevator Week
  • MKS Kablo aims to increase its export rate to 50
  • Lift Symposium and Exhibition 2014 took place in İzmir
  • Ark Machine General Manager ARMAĞAN KAN "We did 11 million dollars investment to our new production facility"
  • Kleemann met with industry magazines
  • EMF Motors, is stronger in its new location!
  • Integra adds new product lines to its portfolio
  • We have participated to Iran Elevator Fair
  • Turkish Business World visited Kuwait with President Gül and returned with the Agreements
  • Cem Şenel, CEO of CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair held in Istanbul will make important contributions to the elevator sector
  • Moston Metallurgy exports 95 of its production
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • Vital Elevator General Manager Sadık Muharrem Güden We aim at exporting 30 of our production within a couple of years
  • Genemek increased its market share to 15 percent in Iran
  • 2020 Southeast Europe Strategy to contribute to regional development

  • Mekisan is preparing an expansionto Europe (4 Nisan 2014)

    Mekisanaimstobecome a worldbrandbyincreasingitsexportsharedaybyday. MekisanalreadyexportstoMiddle East, MiddleAsiaand South Africaandnow it is planningtoexpandtoEuropean market.Mekisan, with 95 specialists in a modernproductionplant of 26,300 m2, fi eldusuallykeepsupwithdevelopments in technology, andoffersnewsolutionstocustomersbyitsowndesignsandnewtechnologies. Mekisan, exporting 20%of itsproductiontoMiddle East, MiddleAsiaandSouthAfrica, now is preparingforpenetrationintoEuropean market, too.

    MekisanprovidesmorepracticalassemblywithitsR& D workVonak M12 modulardoorsystems.One of theimportantfeatures of VonakM12modulardoorsystems is that it minimizeswrongassemblies in modulardoorsystems. Mekisancontinuestoworkfordeveloping MRL systems(without engine room). Mekisan, builtuponafield of 26,300 m2 including 11,500 m2 closedarea, havethelatestcuttingandspinningmachinemodelscomprising of punch, laser, guillotinemachines. Using only 80% of itsproductioncapacity, Mekisanproduces 30,000 doorsand1,500 car frameseachyear.

    Mekisanproducesautomaticdoorsandcardoors (Standardlandingdoors, fi re-ratedlandingdoors, reinforcedlandingdoors, glass paneldoors, car doors), panoramic lift cabins, frightcars, passengercars, fi re fi ghtercars, hospitalcars, service elevators, mechanicalorhydrauliccars, counterweightframesandvarious liftequipments. Mekisan, withthe car andframesystemproduction of a capacityupto 3 tonsunderstandardconditions, can producesystemsof a capacityupto 30 ton in specialproductions.Moreover, Mekisanalsooffers a widerange of liftdoorswithfrom 650 mm to 3,500 widthandfrom2,000 to 3,500 mm height.

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