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  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Cem Şenel, CEO of CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair held in Istanbul will make important contributions to the elevator sector
  • Tempo Rulman will increase its export rate to 70 in 2014
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • Turkey- Azerbaijan cooperation was on the table
  • Kleemann met with industry magazines
  • Significant participation from Iran is expected to INELEX this year
  • Mekisan Asansör will duplicate its export
  • Zorlu Elevatorsellsproductstothefourcorners of theWorld
  • Electrical Engineer Serdar Tavaslıoğlu ASSESSMENT OF MACHINE ASSEMBLY IN ELEVATORS BY EN 81-1 + A3
  • KLEEMANN Lifts UK Ltd was ranked 1st among the fastest growing companies of the industry based on sales growth in Great Britain Sales growth 422.7
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • Turkey's industrial production has increased above expectation
  • Turkish-Arab Business and Political World came together
  • Moston Metallurgy exports 95 of its production
  • Export of August is 11 billion 73 million dollars with 5.2 increase
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • Turkish Republic Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri IŞIK "Turkey will produce with high technology"

  • Löher Elevator General Manager Ergin Aktaş There were very strong participants from Arab countries attending the Summit (9 Temmuz 2014)

     Löher Elevator General Manager Ergin Aktaş mentioned the followings: “We have decided to participate at the last moment. Frankly speaking we did not expect that much interest. We did more interviews in half-day than the other fairs. Very strong people had come from Oman, Iraq, Algeria and Libya. We talked with them, we told ourselves and our services. I think our negotiations had success, but let's wait and see what will be the results. People visiting us were talking on price fi rst, however, in order to show them our quality we'll take them and realize a delegation visit to our factory. Particularly the people, who heard that we are manufacturing escalators in Turkey, were very much surprised. I think this is better way to explain ourselves and to make better deals”.

    “The structure of the organization was building construction summit therefore organization did not suffi ciently concentrate on the lift sector. As far as I see here there are two elevators contracting fi rm. And also another contracting company participated through your commitment Teknolift. Our commitment is diffi cult as contracting companies than the work of manufacturers. There is project and design dimension for the job; therefore it is very diffi cult to prepare ready-made products for our guests coming from abroad. Therefore we need to fi nd a partner to work with for abroad. We have found a few for the time being, but as I said we’ll wait and see”.

     “Meanwhile, I would like to congratulate you for considering and realizing this event. Today we've been involved with 4 fi rms but this number came to me considerably less. I would be very happy if you attend to these organizations more participatory and also carry us. This will reduce the participation cost, relax the Firms and also we will be more recognized in more countries. Especially you would sign an association in the Turkish elevator industry that was never done before. We had already seen an example of this together in Iran. Although the Firms were competitors, they were able to unite under the same roof. Your leading on this subject would be nice. Why don’t we realize this in Turkey? If you replicate this type of organizations we support you also at the same rate”.

     Ergin Aktaş said that “they saw the visitors were very close to Turkey and they wanted to do business with them, and mentioned that there were several shortcomings in some areas before and this was damaged the Turkish brand image, therefore they would like to open a new page and prevent previously experienced problems”.

     “With the right products and services they wanted to move further the Turkish brand said Aktaş, the visitors were ready for this, what is required was to realize the access to the correct address of the customer”, he said. 

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