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  • New step for economic cooperation with Kazakhstan
  • Is World Economy going to the Stable Growth Period after the “2nd Great Moderation”?
  • Turkey has raised the target for Qatar market
  • KLEEMANN Lifts UK Ltd was ranked 1st among the fastest growing companies of the industry based on sales growth in Great Britain Sales growth 422.7
  • Merih Asansör Seeks Domination In Russian Market
  • ArgesettargetstoexporttoMiddle East, Africa, AsiaandtheBalkans
  • Wire Rope Trade Foreigner Manager MUSTAFA KÖŞKER "We are aiming to increase our production quality and our market share in Iran"
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Overview of the Turkish Economy
  • Eurasia Fair is expecting many visitors from Iran
  • Flooded With Visitors At Russian Elevator Week
  • Vital Elevator has increased the speed of production and quality
  • The whole world now knows EMF Motor
  • Export of August is 11 billion 73 million dollars with 5.2 increase
  • Ahmet Asansör General Director Ahmet Madenci Ahmet Asansör will appear more often in international arena from now on
  • Trading with Jordan targets 2 Billion dollars
  • Lift Symposium and Exhibition 2014 took place in İzmir
  • Iran Elevator Union, met with representatives of the Turkish elevator industry
  • NBüger Elevator General Manager Necdet Büger We have received extensive assembly request from Arab Countries.
  • Centa Grows by 60 Yüzde

  • Kleemann Introduces Perfect System to Double The Volume of Parking Areas KLEEMANNPARK... (8 Ocak 2016)

    The new Kleemannpark parking system brings along a revolution for maximization of capacity of parking areas. Installation of hydraulic parking elevator systems doubles the capacity, enabling 2 or 4 parking lots for restricted areas of 1 or 2 vehicles. Thanks to customized automobile systems, the company also provides solution for vertical vehicle transfer between two or more ß oors in case it is impossible to build a ramp. A product of superior designing knowledge and intense work of Kleemann Hellas R&D engineers, Kleemannpark stands out with easy and rapid assembly as well.

     More parking space via KPS, hydraulic car park elevator...

    KPS hydraulic car park elevator system is perfect in every detail for extending parking areas in new buildings for more vehicles... The system is manufactured pursuant to machinery directive 98/37/EC and EN 14010 standards, and offers different application options for various areas. KPS system enables parking vehicles of various size and type; you only need sufÞ cient depth and height. With this system, the vehicle above remains at an entirely independent position, and can be taken out of the parking lot without need to remove the one below.

     KTS, hydraulic automobile elevator, for areas without ramp...

    Another innovation by Kleemann is KTS, the hydraulic automobile elevator... KTS is designed so as to enable carrying vehicles between two or more ß oors with little need for pit bottom; it offers the best solution for areas and buildings where it is impossible to build a ramp. The system is manufactured in line with machinery directive 98/37/EC and EN 14010 standards and brings along another advantage: It has a vertical carrying capacity up to 9 meters and offers easy installation and maintenance. Besides, KTS is unique with lower costs among its peers. 

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