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  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • Bulut Makina will speed up exports
  • Aygünsan targets to get a permanent share in Egyptian market
  • Özbeşler Elevator Vice General Manager YENER ÇAKMAK "I believe that we can reach the Turkey’s selling rates also in Iran"
  • AH-MET Elevatorprovidesunlimitedtechnicalsupport
  • Our stand overwhelmed by visitors in the Poland Fair
  • Arkel Once Again The Centre Of Attention Thanks To ARCODE
  • Eren Makina Company ManagerAykan Çayır We grabbed a slice of history by mass producing elevator rail connection elements
  • Iran Elevator Union, met with representatives of the Turkish elevator industry
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • NBüger Elevator General Manager Necdet Büger We have received extensive assembly request from Arab Countries.
  • “AVOX”, a brand mark of Genemek, has been spread all over the world
  • Turkish Elevator Industry in Numbers
  • Liftvision Magazine, was the only brand representing Turkey in Lift Balkans
  • Şahlift Extends Market Share In Russia
  • We took our place in Iran Elevator Fair
  • Ahmet Asansör Seeks Higher Market Share In Russia
  • Turkey has raised the target for Qatar market
  • IECC MosExpo representatives visited our stand
  • The Carlyle Group agrees to acquire a majority of shares in the Sematic Group The deal will boost the international growth of the elevator company based in Italy

  • Iran, an indispensable market for Clindas (9 Temmuz 2014)

     In order to receive their ratings about the Fair, we have consulted with the Clindas General Director Mehmet Dede and Foreign Trade Director Fatma Öztürk Ergül, and they made special statements to our Magazine.

     Clindas General Manager Mehmet Dede noted that their participation to the Fair was aiming better representing the Firm and their products to their customers. He said that they had participated Liftex Fair to protect their market share in Iranian Market that already were operating and to take them further.

     Mehmet Dede mentioned that; “We are active in the Iranian market for 4 years. We are more active in the last 2 years. We will be much better in 2014 and the following 2015 in my opinion. For the developments in Iranian Market, as well as our Company’s challenges, our dealer Aseman Farsa Firm’s contribution was also very great. Currently we are realizing the large portion of our exports into Iran.”

     “We had reserved currently 50 percent of our production to export. In order to improve the quality and to increase our production we have performed a series of investments in 2013. We anticipate that we will receive the reward of our investments in 2014. Our investments newly showing their effects and we have important expectations from 2014.” He told.

     As a result of their investment they had expected a 50 percent increase in their production said Mehmet Dede, they had aimed to increase Machinery Motor Group production capacity from 400 to 600 per month, he mentioned. Mehmet Dede said that 50 per cent of their production was exported to 20 Countries; “Our market research continues. As we plan to increase our rate of export we want to increase the numbers of countries. In particular, we want to enter the Russian market. Bureaucratic procedures in the Russian market takes too long, our market research are continuing. The construction sector is very dynamic in Russia; therefore our products can be used safely in here. Therefore we have set the Russian market as a target for us.” He concluded. 

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