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  • Participation record is expected in Egypt Fair this year
  • Fupa Asansör held a tour in Italy
  • Fenac Encoder aims to increase its export share to 50
  • ARGESET Button Panels Collect Appreciation
  • Eren Makina provides products to the World’s leading brand Marks
  • LiftBalkans aims to present the potential of the sector in South East Europe
  • Mr. Armaz Varshalomid “There are 5 thousand elevators waiting for replacement in Georgia”
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • MKS Cable aims to increase market share in Iran
  • Ultrarope Technology by KONE; Elevators of Future for High-Rise Buildings
  • Tempo Rulman will increase its export rate to 70 in 2014
  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee
  • Iran, an indispensable market for Clindas
  • Mekisan is preparing an expansionto Europe
  • Gravit Lift-Elevator Machine Industry General Manager LATİF DALLI "Best of Locate , we want to offer the most appropriate solutions"
  • Turkish Republic Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri IŞIK "Turkey will produce with high technology"
  • Wire Rope Trade Foreigner Manager MUSTAFA KÖŞKER "We are aiming to increase our production quality and our market share in Iran"
  • MKS Kablo aims to increase its export rate to 50
  • RST Asansör successfully represented Turkey

  • Iran Elevator Union, met with representatives of the Turkish elevator industry (6 Temmuz 2014)

     The two countries sectorial representatives came together and exchanged information in Liftex Fair held in Tehran. Liftvision - the only Turkish Journal representing Turkish Elevator industry in the Fair - concession owner Özhan Şerefl i and Publication Coordinator Cem Öztürk accompanied to the Turkish Delegation headed by Löher General Manager Ergin Aktaş and Serkon General Manager Serdar Tavaslıoğlu.

     Turkish elevator industry representatives, who came to Tehran to visit the Liftex Fair, met with Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) Offi cials formed by the members of the elevator industry operating in Iran. During the meeting of the two countries representatives, they have mutually exchanged information about; the Firms operating in Turkey, their trading volume, Fairs and the production capacities, and have decided to cooperate in the future.

     Country representatives who had decided in the fi rst stage coming together in Izmir INELEX Fair agreed to meet in a common denominator and discussed what could be done for enhancing co-operation. The differences in the elevator industry in Turkey and Iran also voiced at the meeting, Iranian offi cials especially requested technical support from Turkey who was manufacturing in EU Standards and having worldwide exporting capability. Turkish industry representatives attending to the meeting; mentioned that they would be very happy to extent their assistance in this regards and said that various initiatives to promote cooperation would enlighten positive developments on behalf of the two countries.

     Several sectorial statistics shared at the meeting and it was concluded after voicing mutual satisfaction of the representatives of the two countries. 

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