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  • "ISEEI is giving direction to the Iranian lift sector" RAHIM EDRISI, The Vice President of Iran Elevator Union (ISEEI) IRAJ NIYAZI, The Chairman ISEEI Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee (28 Ağustos 2015)

     Iran Elevator Association, one of the most hardworking and effective embodiments, of the elevator industry. ISEEI, which has a structure that directs and represents the success of the Iranian elevator industry sector, with 810 members. Unions also assume important functions in offi cial institutions, for example, it has an example structure.

    ISEEI (Iran Elevator Union) the Chairman of “Insurance ,Welfare Public Security Committee”, IRAJ NIYAZI said that presided over one of the most active committees in the unions, the existence of a fi le of their affi liated trade union members, many problems found here their own resolutions in this committee . 480 in Tehran, in Iran In general noted IRAJ NIYAZI that the company operates 730 lifts depending on the union, ISEEI (Iran Elevator Union) gave the following information about; "The union consists of only 730 members registered on our installation and maintenance company. In addition, 80 of producing factories are still the member of our union. So we can say that a total 810 of members.

     In Iran, in 2013, 65 thousand, 63 thousand units in 2014, a new lift installation was performed. Each lift made in IRAN is recorded by our union. Our elevator masters do not move here by themselves. Every problem they face is expressed through us and we'll assist them in solving problems. We are not useful only to our elevator masters, the Ministry of Industry, also takes help of us while facing the problems with the elevator. Our Ministry commission only works on issues related to the Ministry and relevant technical regulations and elevator masters .Regulations and laws prepared on the elevator industry in Iran are taken into effect after being approved by the ISEEI.

     ISEEI (Iran Elevator Union) Insurance, Welfare and Public Order Committee, shows mainly engagement in insurance. Here we have 2 types of insurance application. First insurance is a special insurance for employees in the elevator industry. Our technical staff works in the elevator sector in particular, it has been made a special study because of the location of a risky group about job security. We have made the insurance requirement necessary taking decisions by the Union. This insurance, guarantee in both and worker’s and his family’s health, lives and other costs. The other insurance covers another users’ of the elevator. Each individual user of the elevator is insured here. We have made a good working agreement with an insurance company in Iran. Our union has a representative of the insurance company. We need to deal lifts their fi rms can insure at an affordable price. "

     ISEEI (Iran Elevator Union) the Vice President Rahim Edrisi

     ISEEI (Iran Elevator Union) the Vice President Rahimi said that , the trade union center is located in Tehran but there are also branches in other cities, in-house; Assessment, Insurance, Welfare and Public Security, Discussion, Technical, Education, Media and Public Relations are all placed into the Commission he added .

    Intensive work in the fi eld that transmits curve all of this commission; "Our union is going on at the same time also help to take the elevator company certifi cate. Every company that wants to get a new certifi cate of ISEEI will undergo training by instructors and course certifi cates are given to the companies.

    A production company that will do the elevator industry in Iran can be installed in two ways. First you have to get permission from the relevant ministries to prepare all the production facilities of the company. Who can not obtain permission to prepare their plant and machinery.

     In order to product and sell elevators by the fi rm it needs to keep producing the various features within the elevator. First of all the company's technical manager or engineer is required to have 7 year experience in the elevator industry. About the company to be opened is preparing a technical fi le .The fi le is fi rstly reviewed by the Ministry of Industry. The fi rms allowed by the Ministry come to our Union and here their profi ciency is tested by the Technical Committee of the Union. The Company before establishing is subjected to a variety of training by offi cials and technical staff and then allowed the opening of the company, if suffi cient. As a result the company allowed by the Union is being opened otherwise it will not be opened. Another Commission is a Debate Commission, it includes problems by fi rms for searching for solutions. Firms apply to our commission if there are complaints or problems. At the same time users are reporting again in our discussion of the complaints commission. If a user is having a problem on the elevator is able to apply us . If even someone goes to the Palace of Justice we are informed, and they want a solution. We are also subject to the Palace of Justice investigate letter giving details. The problem can be solved in this way.

     Also Liftex Fair in Tehran is organized by us as the Union. We inform our members about various publications on issues of the day removing. We attach a great importance to education. I can explain the importance of education as follows. The rate of elevator accidents occurred in Iran before, fall to low after the education of our Union. Therefore, knowing the importance of education we continue training programs unremittingly. The impact of the certifi cates that our Union gave was much effective here. We do not issue certifi cates to companies which did not prove its competence as a technical fi rm. Therefore we can say that the accident rate in Iran has fallen. Our trainings is also refl ected to the insurance premium. Previously the risk ratio seen in insurance 73.5 percent, decreased to 3 percent after the lift-site training .The products arrived in Iran Is controlled by ISEEI before proceeding through customs. The Ministry demands a technical control paper to a product of the elevator from us. A team of our technical committee examines the product by going, and then allows to pass through customs, if the product is appropriate to the standards. If the product is not considered appropriate, then given the negative reports and products can not enter the Iranian market.

     We have also a representative in the Ministry of Industry. At the same time we have also a power of voicing Elevator industry issues and needs to be done, stating the needs of the industry to follow the work of the Ministry. Last year we had a problem due to customs elevator rails. The Rays is demanded too high by customs and does not generate lift rail in Iran. Therefore, the customs value from the price would result increasing in rail in the elevator. We began a letter-writing to the Ministry, demanding a solution to required work in this regard and after the customs fee from the rail suffered a serious decline. We undertake important functions as trade unions on these issues, "he said. 

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