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  • Eurasia Elevator Exhibition to mark year 2014
  • Mega Radar
  • İleri Lift’s different designs drew wide attention in Interlit
  • Ark Machine General Manager ARMAĞAN KAN "We did 11 million dollars investment to our new production facility"
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • “Agreement for Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments” needs to be extended with Kyrgyzstan
  • Genemek All Around The World
  • We have participated to Iran Elevator Fair
  • Eurasia Lift Fair has opened its Gates for the first time
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • Kleemann toured its customers in its factory in Greece
  • Centa Grows by 60 Yüzde
  • “World SME Forum Comes With An Ambitious Agenda”
  • Asyalift increases its market share in Lift Expo
  • Artan Asansör has drawn attention with glass panels
  • Sematic provides production to the world with the understanding of perfect service
  • Ametal Marketing and Sales Manager İlkim Yıldırım GÖKALP "Our Investments directed at Increasing Our International Market Share through Sales to Different Regions and Countries "
  • Bulut Makine Foreign Trade Expert Ahmet İnan Supply Chain Manager Mustafa Bulut Our capability to meet all demands makes us preferable in European market
  • Löher Asansör aims to increase its export share to 80
  • AH-MET Elevatorprovidesunlimitedtechnicalsupport

  • Genemek General Manager DEVRİM GECEGEZER "Genemek Name and Logo must be Around the Globe" (28 Ağustos 2015)

    Liftex indicating that the continued path to grow each year as Gecegezer, said they attended from the date when Iran held the fi rst exhibition. Genemek said that the name and logo must be anywhere in the world reiterated that the establishment of a world Genemek brand. The fi rst year they attended; one hall, performed by novices an exhibition Liftex today 5 hall, with the participants over 300 who note that the show is an incredible development in the fair together with the elevator industry in Iran has an rapid development.

    The exhibition in Iran and the industry experienced such a development Pointing out that despite the drop in price by up to 50 percent in komponentler.Genemek General Manager Devrim Gecegezer said; "In Iran, there can withstand this competition and price declines companies can survive.

     Which can be overcome customs barriers between other countries, companies may continue to sell goods here. If this continues, many companies can not sell goods here in the next two years. Copy here very common. Production costs could call the location at the foot of competition and prices is lower. They learn to produce better every year. Full year our border neighbors can say that our new China is born. Smart fi rms can take can take place here already. Otherwise it will be too late after a few years. Who sell to 10 pounds before they have to maintain their market share in this market by selling fi ve pounds today. Otherwise, tomorrow, 3 pounds of their own country may have to import the same product. Several years ago, we knew it. We started to take the measures that the past two years. Everyone knows our brand in Iran, and now we can use our power brands here. Elevater in Iran have now become capable of degrading a copy preparation and true to Genemek product.

     Ar Ge ; not get nicked, it is research and development

     Ar Ge does not get pinched. Research is developing. Applying the method currently pilfer brought here. However, this does not mean that the Iranians will remain so until the end . They increase the number of production units in order to enhance and they will also surely started to invest engineering. They looked at the last few years that people are gaining Ar Ge companies. Thats the reasen for Ar Ge to making investment. It is one of the most important examples, to Genemek. Genemek is continuously invest in Ar Ge by improving the technology and won with Ar Ge. "

     Genemek name and logo must to be anywhere in the world.

     Genemek General Manager Devrim Gecegezer said they participate in specialized fairs held all over the world Genemek steps forward with a quick and sure way to becoming a world brand. From the fi rst day he explained that they attached great importance to branding Assembly; "Genemek the name and logo must to be anywhere in the world. We therefore pre largest producers in every organization. Our recognition is very short lived in Europe. Genemek took a few years in Iran, but in the end it was a brand sought to Iran. Genemek a year after exports began to be established for this purpose. Currently we maintain 60 65 percent is still exports. Our goal is to climb as high as 80 percent.

    Monthly Our capacity comes to 50 thousand

    We are about to take off our monthly capacity of 18 thousand to 50 thousand. Our machines arrived last week began to work. We will provide a production increase of approximately 2.5 times. A large part of this increase will transfer to Iran and India markets. The ultimate aim of our investment was already send goods to Iran and India markets. Worldwide when we get this fi gure will be a serious button manufacturer, " Genemek General Manager Devrim Gecegezer said. 

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