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  • Kormas Elektrikli Motor will increase its exports by 20 in 2014
  • Arian Elevator serving in Turkey with Adalift brand
  • ÜMİT ASLAN, Owner of the As-Per Group Company "As-Per is giving serving the elevator curtain throughout area of the in the world"
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Private Sector Should Become More Participating In International Organizations
  • Ahmet Elevator is increasing its production capacity each passing day
  • Bulut Makina will speed up exports
  • Moscow International LIFT Exhibition - be the ? rst in Russia!
  • AybeyElectronicsaimstoincreaseitsexportshareto 50 in 2014
  • Elevator sector in Turkey has surpassed the infancy period
  • Mr. Armaz Varshalomid “There are 5 thousand elevators waiting for replacement in Georgia”
  • Eren Makina Company ManagerAykan Çayır We grabbed a slice of history by mass producing elevator rail connection elements
  • Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık “Local Product is Country Product, World should also use this product”
  • Emay Elevator Sales Manager YASİN KURTULUŞ "Our goal in Iran is to be known and trusted brand"
  • Löher Elevator General Manager Ergin Aktaş There were very strong participants from Arab countries attending the Summit
  • Genemek All Around The World
  • Vasily Komissarov tells about the elevator certifi cation system in Russia
  • Önder Elevator Entered 2015 with Large Investments
  • CNR Holding Manager in Iran FARAH TAGHİPOUR "Iranian Companies has announced their participation in Liftex Eurasia Elevator Fair"
  • Emay Elevator wants to give direction to the technology

  • Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer Genemek founded to be a world brand (11 Şubat 2015)

     We came together with Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer at Euro-Lift Fair in Poland. Expressing that the fair even went beyond their expectations, Mr. Gecegezer spoke as “Occupancy rate was 50 fi fty per cent on the fi rst day and 100 per cent on the second day of the fair. We could make business contacts with several customers who are valuable customers we had previously determined. I can say that the fair worked. We contacted attendants and found new customers”.

    Expressing that Euro-Lift is not an international one though it was promoted so, Devrim Gecegezer spoke about visitors’ profi le as; “Attendants can be from different countries but visitors were local. Also what attracted our attention is the language problem. Visitors in the fair couldn’t speak English, that’s why they couldn’t address questions in their visits at the stand. As a result, we couldn’t communicate.”

    Mr. Gecegezer much appreciated the arranging of the fair and said; “The most important thing with the fair has been its organization. It was the best fair organization I’ve ever seen in the world including Interlift and İstanbul Fair as well. Arrangement of the fair has proceeded with no fault. I should appreciate the organizing company because they look so Professional. Their policy is about not upsetting but helping people, which pleased us, the attendants, a lot.”

    We referred to Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer for his views about Polish lift sector and he spoke as; “Polish lift sector is as big as fi ve per cent of the Turkish sector only, maybe even less. They are open for new materials. Everyone is working to do something new. The country is so new. They’ve built brand new everything from roads to hotels. They are using the EU funds effi ciently. There will be an open market on lifts in the future; still I’m not sure at what extent we will benefi t from it. I don’t think that we can sell a great amount of goods. We can say that Poland will proceed in itself. But I’ve heard about a modernization process which will start soon. It’s necessary to direct modernization solutions in Poland. The fi rms having modernization solutions will be winners here. Once the modernization process starts, the parties will certainly take a look at the catalogues they collected from this fair. Therefore, I think that the attendants of this fair might contact us back later. We have customers here already. We’ve turned an ear to their complaints and understood that intermediate suppliers are not functioning well. It means that the closer we are to customers, the more successful we will be”. 

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